Poler Outdoor Stuff makes the outdoors cool again

You’ve probably seen all 31 seasons of Survivor (and are currently watching the 32nd), enough to know the do’s and don’ts of wildlife living. But let’s admit it, going unplugged isn’t for everybody. It takes a certain level of discipline to last a weekend without stable Wi-Fi and Netflix. Thanks to the hype of glamping and travelgrams, the outdoors are cool again. Going from the city to the wild and back has never looked more seamless and having the right equipment helps make the transition a lot easier. Thankfully, that is was lifestyle brand Poler Outdoor Stuff is all about.

Last March 12-13, the second Philippine installment of the international event Poler Camp Vibes was held at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club in Bataan. It was a weekend of fun and games as the participants tried different water sports, enjoyed a cookout dinner, made s’mores over a bonfire, and had their own version of the Amazing Race during the Poler Awesome Games Challenge. Camping on the beach was made more fun by the Poler tents and knapsacks (a sleeping bag and jacket in one, at last!) in colorful prints, perfect for Instagram. Packing was less of a hassle too, as the brand has a wide range of bags that can even accommodate modern-day camping essentials (see: laptops, power banks and multiple camera gear) without compromising safety, space and personal style. Poler makes gear and apparel that are both fun and functional, making it useful both in and out of the city and the Poler Camp Vibes was the perfect weekend to put them all to the test.

Poler Outdoor Stuff makes the outdoors cool again with gear that is both fun and functional.  |  Photos by Maine Manalansan
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