Lessons from a Lego store visit: How to survive adulting

If you’re anything like us, you find that adulting can be such a struggle. Besides finding ways to trick your parents into giving you allowance again, we have to think about things like career goals and taxes. Not cool. Sometimes we just want to be kids again. Thankfully, the newly opened Lego Certified Store in the North brings us back to the good old days. Remember spending your afternoons at the toy store after school? It was such a treat. But now that we’re a little bit older, hitting the toy store reminds us of a few important lessons that might just make more sense now.

No rules, no limits

If there’s one thing that we always remember about Lego, it’s that there are no rules other than to have fun. Just because we have a clear idea of what we want to achieve in life doesn’t mean there’s only one way to do it.

The art of collecting

Keeping track of the tiny pieces can be such a challenge. But it’s also a fun one. Through the years, we lose and we get new pieces that not only add color to the history of our collection, but to our memories as well. Remember that castle tower that you left at your cousin’s house and fought over it at the next family reunion? Good times.

Quality time with kids and inner kid

Youth culture today may be so different from when we were growing up. But it’s always a good idea to spend quality time with these kids and bring out our inner kid as well. Finding a common interest can be hard sometimes, but something as classic as Lego pieces might just do the trick.

Starting from the bottom

Let’s admit it. One of the biggest struggles of adulting is stopping ourselves from comparing our progress with others. But in the true essence of Lego, we are reminded that all great things start with the same building blocks.

Small things can make a big difference

Before you think you’re just buying just another piece of plastic, think again. This year, Lego partnered with UNICEF Philippines. Portions of the sales at Lego Certified Stores in the Philippines will be donated  to help build the first National Centre for Children with Disabilities in the Philippine General Hospital. Yes, it’s not a cheap buy, but think about the many kids it can help as well.

Visit the new Lego Certified Store TriNoma Level 1 Mindanao Wing.


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