Boogie wonderland: Snaps from Satchmi Megamall’s second birthday

It’s a little-known fact — or maybe it’s just us  — but when September rolls around, it’s funk and groove time. Perhaps it’s because of Earth, Wind and Fire’s hit single celebrating that month, and maybe it wasn’t the 21st night of September, but Satchmi sure kept it groovy for their second anniversary party. They’ve been fulfilling our analogue dreams that long, kids, and this year was no different.

It kicked off with the sultry and playful sounds of Toni B. Prior to this event, I honestly haven’t heard Toni B’s music. But I found myself staring in awe as she played piano and sang to a crowd of wide-eyed fans. By the time No Rome took the stage, everyone was appropriately buzzed with excitement. People were jumping, dancing and singing along to their music. The night was capped off by the trio of Tandems ’91, who also played some of our favorite tracks (from #YSProm, of course) and even sampled a bit of Earth, Wind and Fire. It was unexpected and, of course, the crowd got into the groove.

Of course, a Satchmi event wouldn’t be complete without some giveaways. From Bratpack gift certificates to a brand-new Motorino turntable, it seems like Satchmi birthdays are gifts that keep on giving. For those who didn’t win any goodies, there were other treats as the store gave 10-percent discounts on vinyl. Satchmi’s loyalty card program was also announced at the event so expect more goodies and surprises for your collection.

They also launched their new sub-brand called Film Folk to those who are keen to explore film photography. Remember that beautiful rack of film and analogue cameras inside Satchmi? Expect more things to come as they work on keeping the film spirit alive. In the category of more awesome things Satchmi is working on, they’re also releasing their own line of beers. From jazz to blues to rock, your nightly buzz will be so much better with Satchmi craft beers available soon.

With new drinks, a larger film selection and racks of vinyl, there’s no denying that Satchmi are just getting started. But they’re already well into the groove.

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