Birthday song: Satchmi celebrates two years in Megamall

A lot of good things — and people — were born in September. Examples: Beyoncé, Narcos Season 2 and Satchmi. The vinyl and overall analogue lifestyle store is celebrating their second birthday in SM Megamall. They have been serving some awesome new music, vinyl gear (Motorino, anyone?), a good selection of paper products and, just recently, some grub. Expect a night of #dranks and your iPhone playlist coming to life as Toni B, No Rome and Tandems ’91 rock their flagship store. Drop by on Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. to watch the fun drop.

It might be Satchmi’s birthday but they’re the ones giving all the #blessings. Here are three wishes that Satchmi made true on their birthday.

1. Bring back quality music time
Just in time of their SM Megamall branch’s second birthday, Satchmi is launching their Loyalty Card program for long-time supporters. In the age where online streaming sites are competing to get new releases, there’s something that can be said for vinyl shops trying to keep the analogue spirit alive. There’s nothing better than the tangible experience of listening to new releases on actual LPs. And we’re grateful for the effort.

2. Relive the film days
Ah. There was a time back in 2010 when tomography was all the rage in the local scene. From Holgas to Dianas to a Minox EL (one of Andy Warhol’s faves, mind you), people from all ages can be spotted — mostly in Intramuros — with these cameras in hand. Satchmi is introducing a new sub-brand called Film Folk. Now you don’t have to scour shady online shops just to look for your favorite slide film.

3. An opportunity to get down
You may have encountered the new Netflix TV series by Baz Luhrmann called The Get Down while doing your nightly Stranger Things marathon. It’s clearly one of the best (and probably iconic) TV series right now and we can’t help but envy the funk and groove of this ‘70s show. To celebrate their birthday, Satchmi invited musicians Toni B, No Rome and Tandems ’91 to replicate that groovy experience. Drop by Satchmi SM Megamall from 7 to 10 p.m. for a funky good time. Expect discounts, dancing and drinks all night long.

For more information, visit Satchmi’s website and follow their Instagram @satchmiteam.

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