Etude House’s Berry Delicious collection is a series of pinks, reds, and lots of shimmer

Few things in life are sweeter than strawberries. In fact, most of us probably started our own makeup collections with a single tube of strawberry-flavored lip balm. (It was the only product we could get away with wearing in school, after all.) As a neat sort of throwback, perhaps, Korean cosmetics brand Etude House has come up with a limited-edition collection called Berry Delicious, inspired, of course, by the sweetest strawberries.

Berry Delicious takes cues from the fruit itself with hues of pink, red and a bit of shimmer in every product. What is perhaps the most challenging thing about Berry Delicious is staying within budget: with over 10 items available from eye shadow to liquid lips, where does one start? The on-trend Any Cushion compact is a good place to begin, with its medium coverage blurring out imperfections and giving the skin a nice glow. The Cream Blushers are perfect in this humidity — shades of pink, coral and a deep orange will make you look refreshed even in the worst weather. And if it’s a strawberry scent you’re looking for, try the Body Scrub too; it gently exfoliates the skin and leaves a lovely scent that’ll probably make you sniff yourself in public. (No judging.) Even some of Etude House’s staples, like their Curl Fix Mascara, have got berry nice packaging. With the same formulation, the mascara’s new design will surely make you want to put it on in public. With packaging that cute, who can blame you?

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