Clara Benin goes back to basics in her first major concert

It doesn’t really take much to be famous these days. Give someone a camera and the WiFi password and you’ll be amazed by the content that they come up with. There’s no doubt there have always been talented people out there, but technology has made it a lot easier for us to discover them. People can easily get all the likes and the views that they want, but talent coupled with a lot of hard work is still what makes a true artist.


Stages Sessions Presents: Coming Home ‘A Clara Benin Concert’ is happening on Jul 29 and 30, 8PM at Teatrino, Greenhills. For more information, visit

As one of the notable musicians in today’s indie scene, Clara Benin has an album, an EP, and thousands of loyal fans to back her up. While one can only imagine where else she’ll go from here, it’s good to also reflect on the amazing musical journey she has taken so early in her life. As a celebration, Stages Sessions Presents: “Coming Home: A Clara Benin Concert” — her first and last major concert before she goes on hiatus. On July 29 and 30, great music from Clara and special guests such as Reese Lansangan, Rizza Cabrera and Keiko Necesario will fill Teatrino theater in Greenhills. It will also be a thanksgiving for the people who helped her get to where she is — so we guess we’ll see you there, too?

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