Oh, Flamingo! sets a serious tone in their newest music video for ‘Inconsistencies’

In  a time when Chainsmoker’s Closer won’t stop playing randomly during the day,  listening to Oh, Flamingo! is a breath of fresh air. Oh, Flamingo!, composed of Howard Luistro (vocals/guitar), Billie Dela Paz (Bass),  Pappu De Leon (Guitar) and Fries Bersales (Drums), has been making waves in the music scene since August 2013 when they performed their first gig and was also featured in last year’s Fresh Produce.

Stitched in with the narrative, the music video includes scenic shots of the band performing by the sunset.

In celebration of the first anniversary of their self-entitled EP released last November 14, 2015, the band launched a music video for their single Inconsistencies. As a jump from their usual comical music videos such as June, it tells the story of an unnamed man going about his daily grind in the scenic backdrop of Bataan. From waking up in the morning, getting ready for work and making his way to his job at the post-office, the 6-minute video explore issues of self-doubt and self-discovery. The monotony only starts to change when he encounters a kind old lady that comes over to leave her outgoing mail. His routine ends when he is forced out by the foreclosure of the post-office, and he takes matters into his own hands by delivering the mail by foot.

The leading man breaks away from his routine and searches for the recipient of the unsent letters.

The sound of Inconsistencies differs in comparison to the sound of the band when they first came out. It presents their growth as artists, changing their upbeat sound by adding in some somber elements without losing themselves in the process, but instead making it a sound that is completely their own. And it’s safe to say, we’re all looking forward to what they have in store for us next.

Watch Inconsistencies by Oh, Flamingo! here:

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