25 things that will (probably) happen in 2017

When it comes to dealing with big, scary things (i.e. 2016), it always pays to be prepared. Maybe the reason why the previous year was a nightmare for everyone is because no one saw it happening. Global politics is getting more frustrating, a portion of society still has a distaste for women, and most of us already (unwillingly) memorized the lyrics to Closer since we’re bound to hear it multiple times in our daily commutes.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t really control what’s going to happen but we want to be more hopeful. From bizarre super foods, to Instagram copying Snapchat, and who will be the Casey Neistat of the Philippines; we’re throwing all our predictions for the Universe to consider. As for you, do us a favor and take a shot for us whenever it does happen.

  1. Black Forest will be the cake of choice.

  2. Nokia will have a big comeback with a touchscreen 3310.

  3. Apple will have another phone redesign that will remove the ports altogether.

  4. Presidential emojis will be made for Trump’s tweeting needs.

  5. Drones will take over the skies.

  6. Google Pixel will convert 50% of iPhone users.

  7. Apple will come out with another unnecessary color.

  8. Touchscreen flip phones will be a thing.

  9. Coke will bring happiness in war-stricken areas.

  10. Kylie Cosmetics will release a skincare line.

  11. Kanye will be chosen as a member of Trump’s Cabinet.

  12. Pantone will change the color of the year to an actual rainbow.

  13. Instagram will integrate Twitter and Tinder functions in the app. They’ll also copy the facial recognition feature of Snapchat.

  14. Grey’s Anatomy will renew for another season.

  15. For Sandara Park’s primetime comeback, she will team up with Hero Angeles for a new TV series.

  16. An LGBT love team will take over the local film industry.

  17. The Filipinos will be more vigilant when posting and sharing fake news articles.

  18. A Filipino candidate will win another beauty pageant.

  19. Atom Araullo will win an acting award.

  20. John Lloyd Cruz will spearhead the development of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP)

  21. There will be less mistresses and unnecessary drama, and more substance and depth for our movies and teleseryes.

  22. Mar Roxas will be the Casey Neistat of the Philippines.

  23. Cassava will be the new superfood.

  24. The opening act for One Direction’s comeback concert is Zayn.

  25. A musical about People Power will be made using the songs of Sandwich and Bamboo.

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