The 10-minute de-stress test

Who here has been personally victimized by unrealistic expectations, looming deadlines, and co-worker drama? Yeah, same here. Millennials are always said to be lazy and unproductive, but in reality we’re the complete opposite. It’s no wonder that in a recent study, they found that 64 percent of millennials are the most stressed in the workplace as compared to their older counterparts.

We’re sure that at one point you’ve felt the same way. In any case, it’s time to step away from your desk for a while. Stop overthinking. You won’t get fired if you take a 10-minute break. To make things easier, we broke it down for minute by minute.


Prepare to be supah chill

Take a deep breath. I used to think breathing exercises were weird and unnecessary but, fam, this is essential now.

You can check out some basic breathing exercises here.

00:00:30 – 00:02:00

Tea-tox time

Get up from your desk and prepare a cup of tea.

Tea isn’t only for titas and yogis. It’s actually perfect for someone who’s really stressed a.k.a you. You’ve probably heard this at one point in your life (and it’s backed by studies too), so take that advice.

00:02:00 – 00:03:30

Pick one: YouTube or podcasts?

Make it quick, because you’ve only got 10 minutes. You have two options here; you can either load a good podcast or catch up on some YouTube.

Serve yourself some good vibes with Jenn Im’s vlogs, Nigahiga’s non-stop craziness or Natalie Tran’s one-woman comedy skits.

If you go the podcast route, here are some you should give a listen to: TED Talks for some inspirational talks; Stuff You Should Know for answers to some of life’s puzzling questions; and Welcome to Night Vale to get your mind outside of the workplace.

00:03:30 – 00:05:00  

Load ’em up and stretch it out

As we all know, the internet connection in the Philippines is, well, the worst. Nothing is more annoying than an interrupted watching experience so give it around two minutes to load. During this time, sip that cup of tea and do some stretching exercises.

00:05:00 – 00:09:30

Escapism 101

Time for some escapism 101 through your chosen route. Since you obviously won’t have enough time to finish the entire thing, you can go back to this when you’re stressed again — which is, like, 15 minutes from now.

00:09:30 – 00:10:00

Take a breath

Prepare to get back to work with another round of breathing exercises. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and some extra motivation.


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