YS Open call results! Congratulations!







Andrea Beldua

Arielle Guevara

Ayana Camille Tolentino

Chiara Garcia

Daphne Sze

Euclid Reyes

Erwin Canlas

Gabrielle Angela Gloria

Grace Ann de Luna

Helene Enriquez

Janella Gangat

James Christian Go

Kitkat Pajaro

Mara Gabriela Serrano

Mich Cervantes

Mika Manikan

Murphy Katigbak

Neal P Corpus

Pamela Musni

Paolo Aljibe

Patt Abutog

Reynold John Frias

Rogin Losa

Ross Du

Sabina Sy

Samantha Ang

Ysabelle Shivers

Dear Open Call hopefuls,

Thank you for participating in the first YS Open Call. At the beginning of the year, we surveyed Young Star’s bench and saw that, while our pool of collaborators remained strong, the section was due for new blood and new flavor. For a section that runs on fresh ideas and the idea of the ineffable “what’s next?”, it seemed like the perfect way to kick off our 19th year.

We set out to look for writers, photographers, and artists with fresh eyes and new perspectives and we think we’ve found them.

Over 200 young creatives applied and after much deliberation, we are happy to report that 27 of the hopefuls will be part of our stable of collaborators. As a team, we went through the work and evaluated each applicant on the basis of skill, potential, professionalism, and personality. We think the 28 and their skills can be potentially invaluable assets to the section.

And though we would have liked to accept more, the reality is we can only accept so many. For some, it’s just a matter of time. Give it a few months or years and we’re sure we’ll hear from you. For others, it’s a matter of fit. The talent was there but there might be a better avenue for your skills to flourish. And still, for others, it’s a matter of preparation. Always make sure you know what you want before you go for them. A little research goes a long way.

At the end of the day, we think you all have something to offer, either in Young Star or elsewhere—the fact that you were brave enough to put your work out there means you’re ready to take risks and hone your craft.

Like with all things, there’s always room for growth in Young Star. From what we saw at the Open Call, there is a clear opportunity for promising creatives such as yourself to grow with us.

Exciting times are ahead. With the candidates from the Open Call, the future looks brighter and just a little bit more fun. We’re happy to share this journey with you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. We’d love to hear from you.

We’re glad to count all of you in as part of #TeamYS.


The Young Star Team

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