YS Open Call 2017: Welcome to the team!

Hey, there.

Thank you so much for coming to YS Open Call a few weeks ago. We were all glad that so many of you shared your time with us — more importantly, you shared your talent, too. As the ones who sat on your end of the interview table before, we know how much guts it takes to do so.

With so many applicants throughout the process, it was no easy feat for us to determine those who would come onboard to be part of our team of contributors. Everyone, in his or her own way, had something worthwhile to bring forward. The challenge to us was to determine who could best represent what Young STAR stands for through their creative abilities.

For some, the road stops here. It could be a matter of timing, of preparation, or even of fitting in with what we do. This doesn’t mean that you are less capable now than you were before. You may simply need time to further develop your abilities or to prepare for your next professional interview. Perhaps there are better organizations that will suit your skills. Whatever the case may be, we hope that this will not discourage you from pursuing your dreams. You are only just beginning.

To the others, congratulations. We’re glad to have you on the team. It’s an exciting time to be at Young STAR, and we can’t wait to start working with you.

Thank you again to all of you for coming. We’ve got lots of things in store soon, and we hope to see you!

Team YS

Annicka Koteh
Pristine de Leon
Alpheus Matthew Llantero
Arrah Balucating
Jedd Ong
Marian Plaza
Beatrice Mata
Celene Sakurako
Jules Ruizol
Paolo Vergara
Nikki Blanco
Lorenzo Tan
Gianne Esguerra
Che Bantayan

Gian Nicdao
Richard Mercado
Betina Continuado
Chelli Reyes
Karl Adrian So
Gianne Encarnacion
Jill Arteche
Marcella Suller
Zoë Rosal
Relly Coquia
Mika David
Carlos Antonio Gonzalez
Matt Lee
Franz Weber


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