YS Obsessions: Jasmine Curtis-Smith on admiring actresses







As an actress in our entertainment industry, I find it very important to constantly immerse myself in different types of films and TV series for research, inspiration, and simply for the love of visual diaries. Sometimes, we have it harder in local industry because the competition is tighter. Regardless, we pursue this craft because we love it, and because it is our way of making our insanity, sane. Here are a handful of the women that I absolutely bow down to:


Growing up within the Harry Potter world for several years must be difficult to escape from. The struggle to steer away and detach yourself from such a memorable and iconic role is surely more difficult than we might imagine. However, Emma Watson unquestionably proved that just because people grew up knowing her as the curly-haired know-it-all, she can still be an absolutely different character.


A woman who portrays strength and power in one of my favorite TV series, American Horror Story. She always bags the role that dictates how the story will evolve, always-displaying diversity as an actress. I bow.


She is one of the most powerful actresses we have, and I believe she’s the Jessica Lange of the Philippines. She captivates hearts through her wonderfully vulnerable eyes, but she also manipulates us with her formidable voice. She is also my favorite in the local scene. Out of all the veterans that I have worked with, she is the one who taught me how to be relatable, how to connect with my character, how to be the character in that scene and embolden the purpose of my role. She taught me how to love my craft more than I already do.


Mostly portraying youthful roles that display the offbeat sides of the younger generation, I believe in admitting to the truth as much as she does. People (myself included) struggle to compare her to her famous aunt (if it isn’t obvious enough yet, that’s Julia Roberts), because she chooses her array of acting pieces wisely.


An inspiration, a wonder, and a woman I can relate to! Not only did she show that education was her priority by finishing her studies first then pursuing an acting career, but in her very first film, she also won her first acting award. And it wasn’t just any acting award, it was an Oscar! Paano?

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