The Best of Young STAR for 2016

There were a lot of hashtag-worthy highlights in 2016. Some of our faves include the bangin’ birthday bash that was this year’s #YSProm kiddie party, the challenge of rounding up (and photographing) 20 inspiring women for #YSGirlGang, and the launch of our new home online, Today, we take a look back at our favorite Young STAR pieces from the year. Here they are in no specific order.

A recap of all the shenanigans that went down at this year’s kiddie party-themed YS Prom — need we say more? The fashion editorial-worthy event photos by Andrea Beldua and Kenneth Aballa are making us feel the FOMO all over again.

Each year, we feature a fresh crop of creatives, entertainers, athletes, and more. It’s always something to look forward to, and this year’s selection — featuring Encantadia breakout star Gabbi Garcia, emerging band Tom’s Story, and then-student fashion designer/writer (and current YS editorial assistant) Neal Corpus — was no different.

It was humbling to sit down with Congresswoman Geraldine Roman to ask her about her plans in office (including a proposed act establishing the National Scholarships Agency) and other important matters such as how she deals with her detractors (spoiler: she says to have more humility and try to listen from their point of view and address their concerns).

Still buzzed, no bull

For Young STAR’s 20th, Toff de Venecia got section veterans to spill their most memorable moments to show how YS 2.0 has always been about youth plus their passions, minus the bull. There was mention of more specific stories — editor-at-large Erwin Romulo talked about teaming up with Quark Henares and Luis Katigbak to create an alternative music awards in three different newspapers and columnist Carina Santos talked about her surprise interview with The National —and more about Fresh Produce from Tokwa Peñaflorida, An Estrada, and Sonny Thakur.    

Editor at large Jonty Cruz, print editor Marga Buenaventura, online editor Maine Manalansan, and assistant editor for print Tin Sartorio sacrificed their sanity by traversing EDSA via bus, train, private car, and Uber one traffic-filled morning to give us an assessment of the state of local transportation. We think that merits five stars for maximum effort.

Covering places as far as the points from Rizal to Muntinlupa, this reimagining of the train stops in Metro Manila serves as a comprehensive guide to art, shopping, food, and activities. Aside from being an improbable but very cultural redesign, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to see more beyond that 100th SM or Ayala mall sprouting up all over the Metro.   

As part of our Pet Issue, we visited animal welfare organization PAWS to meet their adoptable dogs and cats and debunked some misconceptions about the organization (they don’t take in unwanted pets!) along the way.   

Young STAR columnist Samantha Lee guest edited our Pride issue. In her introduction column  that week, she touched on the current state of the LGBT, highlighting how tolerance doesn’t necessarily equal to acceptance, and encouraging LGBT to stand proud. As she said, “So maybe this time things should be different — instead of attacking with clenched fits and hurtful words, we hit them with the one thing we know how to do well: by loving the people we aren’t supposed to love.”

Boy problems

At the height of the election drama last May, Marga Buenaventura wrote about how Sandro Marcos’s status as a Spoiled Rich Kid isn’t the problem it’s that he and his family haven’t done anything to acknowledge and apologize for the sins of martial law.    

It was fun to feature emerging local filmmakers, cinematographers, and writers including Petersen Vargas, director of the Cinema One originals best picture 2 Cool 2 Be 4Gotten, Ice Idanan, Mycko David, and Prime Cruz and Jen Chuaunsu.

We lost way too many legends in 2016. David Bowie’s passing early on in the year left many devastated, including writer/musician Mariah Reodica, whose personal connection to his music led to a very emotional commemoration.

The editorial assistant life is hard  a truth we established after talking to editorial assistants from top print and web publications in the country.

This year also marked the start of our new monthly zine, The Youth is On Fire. Our intro for Issue 1: Spark was guaranteed to ignite the creativity and inspiration of everyone eager to get their work out there.  

As a way to address the issue of online harassment, columnist Carina Santos details the misconceptions that cause sexism to stay rampant. A must read for everyone still confused about the little things that contribute to the bigger problem.

Academy Awards season can always be quite unforgiving. We reimagined the Oscars with our very own set of awards. put a twist by coming up with their own award categories. Spoiler: the bear from The Revenant was nominated for Best Supporting Animal or Creature in a Feature Film.

Send all my lovin’ 

For Valentine’s Day, we decided to put the spotlight on people who usually run in the background.

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