YouTube’s NextUp could be your big break

Thanks to the Internet, we can all be famous, fast. There are several routes to choose from: the laughably outrageous gesture (lookin’ at you, Xian Gaza), the hot topic opinion (they’ll either fave you or hate you), memes…

Because there are so many voices waiting to be heard on so many levels, the Internet can also drown you out. It’s hard for real, meaningful content to surface when netizens are so easily distracted by — wait, is that a new dancing hotdog post?

Cue YouTube’s NextUp program, because maybe you deserve to be famous. If you’re an up-and-coming video star (with 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers), you’re welcome to send in an application. Getting chosen is a big deal, since we’re talking equipment grants and a spot in a week-long creator camp — where you’ll learn from the YouTube team, production experts, and fellow campers. Sounds like fun (and funds!) to us.

This is NextUp’s foray into the Philippines, though it’s been providing mentorship to creators since 2011. The track record: over 300 creators in 15 different countries. We’re a little late to the party, but at least the inaugural Manila class gets to schmooze with top NextUp alums.

“We’re bringing NextUp to the Philippines to support Filipino creators, who are among the most creative and inspiring in the world,” says Gabby Roxas, Google Philippines’ marketing manager. It helps that our country’s mobile watch time doubles (and then some) year on year. So with NextUp giving you the tools and this audience to provide the views, why shouldn’t you get more than 15 minutes of fame?

You can find more information on NextUp Manila here. The deadline for applications is August 2. Creator camp will run from October 19 to 24 at the YouTube Pop-Up Space Manila.

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