The Youth is On Fire Issue 1: an introduction







There’s something about the youth in every generation and their need to express themselves. For us, things like Snapchat and Instagram are at our disposal and we often see raw talent develop in front of our computer screens and phones.

Being young is also about creating memories, making mistakes and learning the secrets of the world. We document these through photographs, videos, songs, visual arts, or whichever medium we think will best represent where we are in a given moment. We’re only young once, so we take all the opportunities to immortalize our burning passion to create.

Young STAR, in its own ways, has always supported the youth and their passion. Our annual Fresh Produce list is proof that kids are capable of doing something great ––groundbreaking, even –– with dedication and determination. The list includes multi-hyphenate artists An and En Estrada, painter/sculptor Kris Abrigo, illustrator Mich Cervantes, photographer Aya Cabauatan, singer-songwriter BP Valenzuela, and collage artist Pau Tiu, among others. We hope to meet the next batch of young creatives who will shake the industry and inspire the next generation to create.

And with this, we’re launching a project to get to know you and your work better. The Youth is On Fire is a collaborative zine between you and Young STAR. Every first Sunday of the month, we’ll be announcing a theme that you can interpret however you want. Your submissions will be compiled in a zine –– or a time capsule, if you will –– that will be published in this website at the end of the month.

The theme for the first issue is Spark. It’s about energy, fire, connection, ideas, and a beginning of endless possibilities. You can submit an illustration, a photograph, a poem, an essay, a song, or whatever output you wish you to share with other creative kids. This is your platform to show your work and an opportunity to hone your craft.

The Youth is On Fire is your pedestal and your megaphone. This is your chance to inspire others through your art and create a bigger, and collaborative network of artists all over the world. It’s never too late to keep the fire burning.

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