After years off the radar, Miguel Escueta is back with a new sound

It’s been awhile since we heard from Miguel Escueta. The last full-length he put out was “Now It Starts,” which was released way back in 2010. *looking around, gesticulating at 2017* It was a simpler time.

Now the singer-songwriter seems to be making a comeback. The aim of his new project, Miguel Escueta and the Morning Episodes, sounds like a total creative reinvention, if the act’s newest single Devil is any evidence.

Let’s start with the obvious: Devil, which will soon be included in an upcoming EP, is a clear sonic departure from Miguel’s old work, worlds away from the alternative rock sound that filled the airwaves during the 2010’s. Here, Escueta trades straightforward distorted guitars for ambient keys and crystalline vocals, the latter elevated thanks to additional vocals by Leanne Mamonong of Leanne and Naara. “Devil signals a new era for me,” Miguel says. “I felt like the chains were off — I now wasn’t trying to sound like somebody else, and my music finally reflected me as a full person.” Let’s be frank — it’s a pop song, and it’s honestly exciting to see Miguel moving in this direction.

It’s a little strange though to hear Curtismith doing a guest verse on this, considering his still-fresh Coke Studio flub. But if these are the kinds of shoulders Miguel is brushing, then we’re pumped to see how his new music will hold against his old work. Now it really starts.


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