This year’s L’Oreal Brandstorm National Champions tell us how to work through that group project

Personal care is a buzzy subject nowadays, what with the increased interest in skincare and all around self-care. It makes you think: what would happen if you extended the same kind of care you give to your face towards your hair?  

L’Oreal Brandstorm 2018 challenged its participants to get the youth to go to the salon by re-inventing the professional salon experience.  

Colleen Chua, Caitlin Yu, and Clarice Tee from the University of the Philippines Diliman form C^3, the team that took home this year’s Brandstorm National Championship. They’ll be representing the Philippines at the Brandstorm Worldwide Finals in Paris.    

C^3’s winning idea was for REIGN, an ecosystem of devices designed to personalize your salon experience. With plans for a hair scanner to assess what care is needed for your hair and a hair treatment personalization machine, we’re already hoping that the future they’ve imagined comes sooner.

Over email, we asked Colleen, Caitlin, and Clarice about the origins of REIGN, the secret to time management, and the advantages of working with a group.


YOUNG STAR: REIGN sounds like a pretty well-rounded idea. Can you briefly walk me through the process of putting it together?

Colleen Chua: Before creating REIGN, we first wanted to understand why millennials were not visiting salons as frequently as they wished to. After sifting through dozens of research briefs and consulting our peers on their salon visits, we realized that while millennials care about their hair, their fear of uncertainty holds them back from availing of the salon services they want. Once we finalized our key insight, we decided that millennials crave for personalization, because they want the reassurance that a service is perfectly made for them. Thus, we came up with REIGN — a whole new ecosystem of devices that will enhance your entire salon experience — from start to finish.


How were you able to balance your school work with the preparations for the competition?   

Clarice Tee: We don’t have schedules that aligned perfectly. So many things were going on in our lives as each deadline loomed nearer. We had exams for our majors, competitions in other fields and family obligations we needed to fulfill. Managing all of that was really just a matter of discipline and prioritizing Brandstorm [over] everything else.


Working in a group is never easy, as all members usually bring different ideas to the table. Do you have any advice for working through that?

Caitlin Yu: I think that it’s important that nobody feel inferior compared to the other. You should all be open-minded toward each other’s ideas and criticism, but most importantly, be respectful to one another.

Clarice: We’re all pretty similar, yet extremely different too. Caitlin is pretty laid-back and Colleen is incredibly OC, while Clarice is a hybrid of both. We complement each other really well, but more importantly, we are all great friends, so no one ever feels inferior and everyone feels secure enough to give their comments on the case. We managed to stay great friends even after our emotions were high because we understood each other’s needs and kept our minds on our goal.

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