This year’s Komiket proves that the local komiks scene is still going strong

You won’t always find the best stories at major publishing outlets. To find the rare gems, you’ll have to look a little harder, where independent creatives gather.

Since its first convention in 2015, Komiket has acted as a platform for independent emerging comic book creators to launch their work, establish themselves in the scene, and interact with fans. And judging from this year’s turnout (which, from what I saw, included one friendly Team Skull Grunt), Komiket will keep being here, making good work more accessible to the public.

This is the 3rd Komiket to take place since the the celebrated komiks and art market first began. The next Komiket will be held later this year, Oct. 14-15.

This year’s Komiket went down from Feb. 25-26. The first day was held at Centris Elements, where both established and up-and-coming comic creators congregated as equals. There were industry veterans like Studio Studio of Alturia Hill Publishing; student-run groups like BLINK from Ateneo; independent collectives like Pockets Fulla Pillz, Vanillapensive, Art Sundays, and The Milk Box, selling years of hard work in a form you could hold in your hand, from comics to stickers to large-scale illustrations. They even had Komiket’s Komiks Cum Laude anthologies being sold, which featured the works of graduates of the Comic Book Creator’s Workshops. Whether you’re a superhero fan searching for back issues at the Comic Odyssey booth, an otaku scouting for fanart of your current shounen obsession, or just somebody who happened to stumble in, you’re probably going to find something at Komiket to take home with you.

This year’s Komiket also nominated a handful of releases to recognize some of the best comics, writers, and artists this year. Look out for the following names: Victoria Tadiar, for Sagala; Alane Alulan, for Cadilily Quins and Gioseppe Custodio, for No Pun Intended.

No Pun Intended by Gioseppe Custodio was nominated  at this years Komiket Awards for the category Best Komiks.

The second day of Komiket was held in the U-View room of Fully Booked BGC, where visitors were treated to artist talks from some of the comic scenes most recognized veterans, from Arnold Arre to Mervin Malonzo to Manix Abrera.

Mervin Malonzo, author of the works Tabi Po and After Lambana.

You can tell from all this that the people behind Komiket really care about the creators and readers that make up their community. It’s a community that never minds getting bigger. Whether you’re a creator or simply a fan, there’s always going to be a space for you.

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