Who is Liza Soberano’s favorite photography subject?

All-around pretty face Liza Soberano is no stranger to posing in front of the camera. Unlike many of us mere mortals who struggle to find the best lighting and angle for our OOTDs, all she has to do is stand to get the perfect shot. The girl has virtually no bad angle.

At the Fujifilm Photo Art City last August 4, we were introduced to a side of her that not many people get to see: Liza Soberano behind the camera. Sporting a messy top knot and hoop earrings, she showed off her photography skills as the new ambassador for three of Fujifilm’s latest offerings, including the X-A3 (a mirrorless digital camera), the Instax Mini 9 (the newest in their instant camera line), and the SQ10 (a digital and film camera hybrid).

As it turns out, Liza has a hidden passion for photography. She enjoys taking candid photos of peoplesomething that you might be able to pick up after seeing a few on her Instagram. Her favorite candid subjects are children because “they wouldn’t know if you’re taking a picture of them or not.” Smiling, she continues. “You’re able to capture their best moments.”

But unlike most artistas, most of the photos she takes don’t usually end up on her social media. “It’s not really that I don’t like posting it’s just that I just don’t,” she says. This self-professed private person recalls that even before she became an artista, she would take a lot of pictures but wouldn’t really post them. “I like to keep them for myself, and then I like to look back at them and just remember that feeling I had when I was taking the photo.”

When it comes to inspiration, Liza confesses that she likes to lurk online. “I like to go to [Instagram] Explore and look at random photos a lot,” she explains.  For the aesthetics, she logs on to her Tumblr and Pinterest. Fans need not go on a frenzy to look for her accounts, though Liza stresses that “It’s a private Tumblr because I don’t really post anything I just like to view.”

For more information about the Instax Mini 9, X-A3, and SQ-10, visit www.Fujifilmph.com and follow Fujifilm Philippines Lifestyle on Instagram (@fujifilmphlifestyle) and Facebook.

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