What you missed at Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017

Photos by Tin Sartorio

Pretty much everyone streams their music nowadays. It’s cheap, more compact, and just… easier, now that all it takes is a simple tap on a screen to play your favorite tunes. Despite all this innovation, an analog form of playing music still persists today: vinyls. Record store and Motorino maker Satchmi celebrates the iconic music format with their annual Vinyl Day, which involves a grand sale of their inventory, live performances, and a steady flow of drinks to get things going.

Now on its fifth year, Vinyl Day 2017 went down last June 3 at The Eye in Green Sun, Makati. It was a whole-day affair: the vinyl sale began at noon, and the performances followed in the afternoon and played on until the night. It wasn’t just a show of goods for the vinyls, though: Satchlings (as Satchmi likes to call their herd) were treated to as much as 30 percent off of records. And there were a lot, with more than 3,000 records on sale that day. The event also had a display for the Motorino Mk. III, which was also being sold at a discount. Guests got to try the new player, which now has a headphone jack and is bluetooth enabled, for those times when you just want to shut off the world or, you know, take a bluetooth speaker with you in the shower.

The fun didn’t stop with the shopping though. Vinyl Day also had a wide assortment of concessionaire booths set up around the venue, with everything from gelato from Carte d’Or and stickers from Pundesal, to film and disposable cameras from Film Folk and beers on tap from Craft Point.

As the afternoon drew closer into the evening, all eyes were on the stage. The live performances were kicked off by Over October, who somehow got to sneak in a snippet of the classic James Reid earworm Champ Moves (yes, that’s the title of the energy gap song). They were followed by Conscious and the Goodness, Ninno, and Nanay Mo. As the evening began with the 360-degree projection at The Eye, Tom’s Story math-rocked out on the stage (It’s not everyday you hear people singing along to songs with no lyrics, but sometimes you just can’t help it.) The music kept going and the drinks kept flowing, with Oh, Flamingo!, Outerhope, Ben & Ben, and Jess Connelly. If you weren’t there and were wondering who the #MysteryMonster band was, well, you’re outta luck. (Just kidding. It was Cheats.) Apartel brought the funk like there was no tomorrow, and things were capped off with a sweet ending from everyone’s favorite, Ang Bandang Shirley.

As the night drew to a close, and the shaking of the ground from people bobbing up and down to the music came to a slow halt, we were reminded why live, analog music still exists: because it makes you feel alive. There’s nothing quite like the quality of vinyl, and even more nothing like Vinyl Day. And as the great “Work”-er and general slayer of life Rihanna once said, please don’t stop the music.


For more information about the Motorino Mk. III and Vinyl Day, visit satchmi.com or drop by their stores at SM Megamall and UP Town Center, and follow them on Instagram at @satchmiteam and Twitter at @Satchmi.

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