What did you and your BFF do and how mad should you be about it?

Art by Maine Manasalan

Nope. Girl fights aren’t always about boys. True BFFs often fight about the most serious to the silliest little things. So when it comes to dealing with your bestie, don’t jump to conclusions like you did with your now ex-partner. Look into the situation and see if it’s really worth the fuss or just something to shake off. She can get pretty annoying, but you still love her anyway. You guys practically went through many PMS meltdowns together and that’s already, like, a lot.

1. When it takes her forever to reply and you end up missing the piso fare seat sale.
I guess #HoeKong will just have to wait for now.

2. When she posts a group photo that’s only flattering to her.
It’s seriously so annoying, but you’d probably do the same thing anyway.

3.When she “Netflix cheats” on you.
Is it really that hard to talk to your bestie who’s seen at least more than one episode of your fave Netflix series? Yes. Yes, it is. #SpoilerAlert

4. When she comes over uninvited just to get your ass off the bed.
Jokes on her ’cause you’re totally fine being around her in your most natural state — jammies, bed hair, and no shower at all.

5. When she photobombs that one selfie that could’ve been your new profile photo.
100+ takes and she ends up ruining that one perfect shot? Yup, her BFF senses are strong. Let her make it up to you by making her your official OOTD photographer. She owes you a lot.

6. When she wants to get sushi but you’re craving Chicken Joy.
…So, sinong magaadjust? *ends up getting both anyway because that’s how much you spoil each other*

7. When she doesn’t like the guy you’re dating and she makes it impossible to have a BFGFBFF (Boyfriend Girlfriend Best Friend Forever) date.
Chances are, she’s probably right about not liking the guy you’re dating. But is it really too much to ask of her to make an extra effort to get with the program for now?

8. When she gets you drunk and tortures you with a play-by-play the next morning.
She kept receipts — and it’s probably already up on her IG story.

9. When she says the dress is white and gold but you swear it’s black and blue.

There’s never going to be a right answer to this kind of thing, which makes it 100 times more frustrating. This will haunt you guys forever, so it’s best to agree to disagree.

10. When your clothes match without even planning it.

#twinning? Nope. Not around your new crush.


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