Weapons of choice: Crushing the patriarchy

Art by Francis Tadeo

On a normal day, women have to go through different and numerous types of oppression because of the patriarchy. It is so ingrained in our culture that victim-blaming has always been the go-to reaction whenever we voice out our concerns about this. Maybe it’s your outfit. Maybe you were being stubborn. Maybe you smiled a little bit too much. Or maybe men just don’t know how to respect women in general. This is not an alternative fact this is the reality women have to deal with on a daily basis.

What we have to go through each day can get exhausting and even frightening. We understand that not all of us are ready to physically fight men off. But feminism teaches us, nonetheless, to take no s*** and look after ourselves. To help crush the patriarchy, we listed down seven tools and weapons a feminist should have in her toolkit. If you’re not a pepper spray or taser kinda girl, this post is definitely for you.

1st Weapon: Bold red lipstick
To intimidate mansplainers

Tired of enduring another pointless discussion lead by a mansplainer in your office? We suggest you get a good bold red lipstick stat. Wear it to work the next day and witness how men will freeze up once you walk in. If the boss-level mansplainer still insists you discuss something you already know, put that lipstick’s pigmentation to good use and etch an x on his crisp white polo.

2nd Weapon: A primer on Feminism in PDF form
To spread the gospel of Girl Power

As the true kweens of the house, it’s time to start teaching ’em youngins about feminism. Switch off the Baby TV and load the ABCs of Feminism. Remember that kids like dance numbers, so take it easy and put on Beyoncé’s Flawless after the lecture.

3rd Weapon: Pocket mirrors with a “Check Your Privilege” design at the back.
Use: To remind privileged a-holes that they CAN’T actually get away from everything

What’s that we hear — another lame excuse? It’s just a prank? It’s supposed to compliment us? Yo, you need to drop these excuses because girls are not going to take shit from stupid boys no more. Y’all need to learn how to own up to your mistakes whenever you do something vile. Don’t even try to call your parents — your mother did not carry you for nine months just to disrespect women. And also no, your expensive private school education can’t save you from this. Have some shame, you filthy animal.

4th Weapon: Earphones
Use: To tune out catcallers

When ignoring a persistent catcaller is not working anymore, step on his ego by telling this to his face: “Kahit gaano ka pa ka-pogi kung wala ka namang manners, basura ka pa rin sa tingin ko.” Smile as you put on your earphones and then walk away. Pro-tip: Make sure you’re in a safe environment when you do this.

5th Weapon: Your personal #GirlBoss mixtape
Use: To use as a gateway to Feminism

To fully understand the needs of our fellow women, we must understand our personal needs first. Learning about one’s self will help us identify what’s wrong and what’s lacking in the patriarchal society in our own way. Finding time to figure out all of these might seem taxing, but believe us when we say that even just creating a simple #GirlBoss playlist will help you understand it better. Thanks to the feminists who continually empower women in pop culture, the concept is much easier to understand now. Next thing you know, you’re already binging on movies and shows about it.

6th Weapon: Statement Tees
Use: To establish solidarity

Let’s be real here, stupid statement shirts that say “I only did it for the likes” or even “Tacos are life” are a waste of money. Why not spend it on buying statement shirts that actually say something sensible for once? Support local women designers by buying their products. Strengthen your stand by buying shirts that empower women. Just make sure their products are ethically sourced and *cough* not cheap rip-offs.

7th Weapon: Girl Gang
Use: To look out for other girls

Okay, this isn’t really a tool for your toolkit, but a must-have nonetheless. Why pit women against each other when you can form cool girl gangs instead? Girls need to look out for other girls because we all go through the same thing. Saw a girl getting followed by a grown man? You and your buddy should walk with her. Witnessed a guy drugging a lady’s drink while she took a quick powder break? Tell her immediately and sneak her out of the club. Remember that you’re not being nosy — it’s 2017 and these things shouldn’t be happening to girls anymore.

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