Waves: a #HereTogether Pride March zine

Photos by Chio Gonzales
Layout by Ina Jacobe

If you were one of those who got off at the wrong stop on your way to this year’s Metro Manila Pride Festival & March, you might’ve been unlucky enough to encounter a protester soapboxing at the outer edges of the venue. You know the kind “God Hates Gays” picket sign, mouthful of venom, a mind-boggling lack of love for one’s neighbor, megaphone optional. There are a few of them sparsely scattered around the place, their numbers dwarfed once you actually get to the venue and there are so, so much more people who’d rather wave rainbow flags while others prefer to see the world in black and white.

It’s that feeling of being overwhelmed that should explain why Waves exists: we feel the scenes and stories of this year’s Pride can’t be contained in a single article. We took a few pictures of the crowd in Plaza de los Alacaldes and the march around the block. We interviewed a few people on the ground, Humans of New York-style about what Pride means to them. We haven’t included their names in the interest of protecting their identity to a degree, but we’ve been given their permission to publish their portraits.

And we know this is something that happens every year, but that doesn’t make 2017 Pride any less momentous. 

#gender #love #zine

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