Vinyl Day checklist: The newcomer’s guide

Art by Gianne Encarnacion

Lest you think that vinyl is dead and gone, Satchmi throws a bash every year for the love of it. It’s not a subdued romance either. Vinyl Day is loud, kind of chaotic, and fun all around. It’s when local record enthusiasts gather, well, for the records and then some.

If you’re new to the party (this would be the fifth), you’d best come prepared. About 6,000 people showed up to last year’s event, and you could be one in a sea of veterans. We want you high on the mood and music, because Vinyl Day should do that to you. So here’s the briefing you need:

Go crate-digging.

Maybe your idea of record hunting is a hipster meet-cute on a lazy afternoon. But this is not 500 Days of Summer, where you can take your time browsing through boxes. Get ready to be jostled if you’re looking for something popular. After all, the LPs are on discount, and not everything is strictly old-school. Satchmi has stuff from Hamilton to Kanye to AC/DC, from Top 40 to 80s throwbacks. There will be rows and rows of records up for grabs — if you can grab them first.

Then take a spin…

Vinyl Day has listening nooks for you to test those records on some pretty sweet equipment. The new Motorino Mk.III is bluetooth-enabled, and if you’re thinking of taking one home, Vinyl Day is the place to try it out.

Score some loot.

Did we tell you about free admission yet? And that there are other giveaways? Not to mention Film Folk, Satchmi’s sister brand, has goods for the vintage-obsessed shutterbug. Many mystery freebies await, but Satchmi’s already got us hooked on the element of surprise.

Chill and chow.

Think mini-Coachella, but indoors, and thank God. Vinyl Day 2017 happens inside Green Sun, Makati — just so you’re shielded from the actual sun during the whole shebang. And even so, there are drinks and snacks to go around. No way you’re gonna faint from heat or hunger in this festival.

Bask in the sound.

Vinyl Day has always been about the music more than the nostalgia. Satchmi brings together another solid lineup of local acts. Young STAR favorite Ang Bandang Shirley is one, and they’ll be singing songs from their most recent album, “Favorite.” Apartel (fronted by Ely Buendia of Eraserheads fame), will also take the stage, along with Jess Connelly, Oh, Flamingo!, Outerhope, Tom’s Story, and more. Don’t just stand there. Sway a little.


* * *

Satchmi’s Vinyl Day 2017 happens on June 3, 2017, from 12 noon to midnight, at The Eye, Green Sun, Makati. Admission is free.


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