Vampire Weekend’s album is almost done and we can hardly wait

Last we saw of our boy Ezra Koenig, he was seductively brushing his teeth. But we have reason to believe that he and the rest of the boys of Vampire Weekend (sans Rostam Batmanglij sad face) have been steady working on the new album.

In responding to a fan asking if the album was almost done (in the form of a pie!), Ezra tweeted back that the album was “80% done” which, for us, is reason enough to go bananas. This wasn’t even like, a formal announcement, but good on Ezra for obliging the fan who had the stellar idea of proposing via confection.

But what does “80% done” even mean? Like, they’re done recording the song but still mixing? Are they deciding on hard copy packaging? Are they proofreading the album booklet for oxford commas? Hard to say, and there’s no release date either. All we know is this’ll be their first album since 2013’s Modern Vampires of the City and that the working title is Mitsubishi Macchiato, which sounds fun. You can find a more detailed explanation of how the album’s going in an Instagram post Ezra put out earlier this year. For now you can just keeping blasting Vampire Weekend’s old stuff, or maybe check out some of our playlists.


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