TYIOF Issue 6: What can we do in the face of evil?

This is a question that many of us have been and are wrestling with, recognizing the urgency to respond to what’s happening around us. Duterte’s drug war, the sins of Ferdinand Marcos’s Martial Law reign, not to mention the misogyny and homophobia that have always been rampant, even before the looming threat of this country becoming a full-fledged police state.

All these forces, which plague us daily, cannot be met with silence. The only sensible response, especially from creatives of all kinds, is the theme of our next issue: Rage.

As cultural workers, it is our responsibility to channel our creative powers into what will benefit society. So submit to us your best pieces of visual or literary art, as long as your work speaks of the country’s current cultural or political situation.

If you’re interested in being part of our Rage issue, be sure to follow the guidelines below before submitting your work to zine@youngstar.ph by Sept. 15. In the words of Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha, “Your anger is a gift.” And especially in times like this, it is a gift meant to be shared.


  1. In the subject field of the submission email, indicate what type of work you are sending (e.g. TYIOF submission – Essay). In the body of the email, please include a short description of the submission.
  2. For written submissions, attach either a Google Doc link or Microsoft Word document with your piece. Label it with your last name and the title of the piece (e.g. Lacaba_Open Letters to Filipino Artists.docx).
  3. For photos and art, label each individual file with your last name and the title of the photo or artwork (e.g. Ossorio_Clouds of Conscience.png).

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