Troye Sivan is representing Smyth, SM Youth’s latest sub-line

Smells like teen spirit: SM Youth’s newest brand Smyth is fronted by boy wonder and pop star Troye Sivan.

We’re well into the second half of the year, and September — a.k.a. the January of fashion — is fast approaching. You know what that means: time for a new wardrobe. And even though autumn isn’t really a thing here (really — stop trying to make it happen), that doesn’t mean you can’t update your wardrobe once the summer ends and the rainy season begins.

But just because summer’s over doesn’t mean we all gotta look dark and dreary all of a sudden. SM Youth is breathing new life into your rainy season wardrobe with their newest sub-line, Smyth. The brand’s first collection was unveiled last July 25 at SM Makati, modeled by SM Youth’s ambassadors Tommy Esguerra, Kaila Estrada, Kyle Perry, Janna Tee, Richard Juan, Erika Kristensen, and Macauly Lofgren.

Palm dreams in the rain: Smyth’s first collection is a summer daydream in monsoon season.

The new collection, which is now available in all SM Stores under the SM Youth section, is a mix of tropical prints, sartorial classics, and denim, denim, denim. The jeans and jackets come in different colors and treatments, from dark, frayed, washed out and distressed. The denim is complemented by a flurry of button-downs in different patterns, perfect for mixing and matching, and even layering for the colder months.

The campaign for the new collection is fronted by boy wonder Troye Sivan, who visited Manila quietly a few weeks ago to shoot with BJ Pascual. The campaign’s unveiling was set to Troye’s Youth playing in the background — truly a collaboration destined in the stars.


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