Trippin’ on skies






Justin Smaby, 20, @jsmooth80 Mark Rivera, 21, @mark22rivera On Justin: Tee, P149.75, Tee Culture On Mark: Tee, P199.75, Tee Culture

The weather has been driving us crazier than our crushes lately — hot and cold, wet and dry, slick and rough. When we’re sweating bullets from the heat or dodging that odd bit of rain after summer class, it’s best to keep it together in every possible way. The right T-shirt manages to do just that: simple and functional but nonetheless bomb AF, one need not look further than SM Youth’s selection of punchy prints and solid shades.

And if there’s anyone who can make something casual look even better, it’s the posse of aspiring models from SM Youth’s Go-See competition. Led by winners Kaila Estrada and Kyle Perry, these guys and girls have gone through rigorous challenges to test out their modeling mettle. The competition (which one can check out on SM Youth’s YouTube channel) may be over, but one thing’s for sure. Much like this crazy weather, these faces will soon come at you in full force

Kaila Estrada, 20, @kailaestrada Jacket, P1199.75, Markus
Kyle Perry, 21, @kyle.perry Tee, P399.75, Markus
Oliver Edman, 17, @imoliveredman
Sam Libao, 19, @samlibao
On Oliver: Tee, P299.75, Tee Culture
On Sam: Tee, P149.75, Tee Culture Culture; striped shorts, P599.75, Markus
Dani Camcam, 18, @danicamcam
Jaz Reyes, 21, @_jazreyes
David Mendoza, 19, @_tidaldave
On Dani: Tee, P299.75, Tee Culture. On Jaz: Tee, P399.75, Tee Culture. On Dave: Tee, P399.75, Markus.


Styled by Sam Potenciano

Sittings by Maine Manalansan and Tin Sartorio

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