Tripkada aims to awaken your wanderlust

Stress and travel may go together like matching luggage, but traveling is still a privilege.

Tripkada’s Travel Day, held on March 11 at Commune Café+Bar, acknowledged this truth, but also highlighted that travel doesn’t always have to break the bank. The people behind the popular app also demystified the notion that every journey you take has to be an Eat, Pray, Love situation.

The event offered so many fun activities that a lull gap was nowhere to be found. Games and prizes from the likes of Uber and Havaianas were periodically given away. But what really made it fun was the workshops. There was no competition to impress others; no one expected anyone to be a dream catcher expert during Cathy Canete’s demo; novice squiggly lines were chuckled over at Lee Caces’ calligraphy workshop if only because everyone could relate to the struggle; during Paul Catyan’s travel writing workshop, everyone picked up a little bit of knowledge about writing, and life in general.

“Here today, you have people who have the same thirst as you. People who are creative, people who want to explore, people who want to see and experience new things. And that’s what Tripkada’s about,” says Travel Day host and Tripkada co-founder April Cuenca. That message became the heart of the event, echoed throughout the workshops and talks.

Some of Tripkada’s Travel Idols were Where to Next founders Rachel Halili and Ayen Dela Torre; the “Wandering Weekend Warrior” himself, Jonas Roque; and forever fave Reese Lansangan. All of them had some pretty hilarious stories to tell. “Travel is a privilege,” noted Halili and Dela Torre. True enough, there was no trip boasting about where people had gone and how others hadn’t been there yet. Paul Catyan of Explore Philippines said in his workshop, “Traveling isn’t an adventure. Sometimes it’s a luxury. Sometimes we do it because we have to.” He noted his first trip to India came because he was meeting his estranged father there.

There’s a lot that traveling isn’t. It isn’t always cheap and it isn’t always about finding peace. “Sometimes it’s really going out of your comfort zone,” says Halili and Dela Torre. That rang true for the most of us. The gals of Tripkada made sure that, at the end of the day, we’d have no regrets about taking a risk.

For more information, visit Tripkada’s website.

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