Travel to the Arctic with Shangri-la Plaza’s augmented reality experience

If someone gave me a P20 bill every time someone said that this summer is very hot, I’d be rich. And to be honest, I’d use that money to buy myself a huge bucket of ice cream and hang out at the mall. That seems to be a favorite pastime of kids right now and who can blame them? They get good food, free air conditioning, and a pretty unique mall-going experience.

Shangri-La Plaza keeps on proving they’re more than just a shopping mall. Aside from their free international film festivals (a personal favorite), they’re also introducing augmented reality this summer. To those unfamiliar, augmented reality is basically you experiencing a different environment through a screen. There’s a camera that records your movement, and transmits it to a scenario unfolding on a big screen. In this case, you’ll be in good company with orca whales, penguins, polar bears and more. While you won’t be seeing them beside you IRL, it’s still fascinating to see them swim and dance onscreen.

It looks quite tricky at first but, as with most things, practice makes perfect. It’s like a dance that needs a certain level of dedication and practice. Think: The Nutcracker or Black Swan or Yuri on Ice. Make sure that you look your best because your interaction will be recorded. Here are some pro tips to get you started:

1. Dress the part

Coming to the mall in a yeti costume might earn you strange looks, but come on, you’ve got to do it for the ‘gram. You can fully immerse yourself in the environment, hence better acting and interaction with the furry creatures. If you can’t commit to that, dress up as that Just Dance 2 character in the song I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by The Scissor Sisters. Neon coat and pants? There’s nothing more #extra than that.

Making augmented reality dreams come true: Janina Vela, Division Manager for Operations Johnny Rios, Shang Properties’ Marketing Director Milen Triechler, Shangri-La Plaza IT Manager Ric Muro, Shangri-La Plaza Division Manager for Marketing Marline Dualan, Shangri-La Plaza EVP and GM Lala Fojas, and Aaron deTomasso.
Snow dreams: Experience Shangri-La Plaza’s augmented reality attraction until June 4.

2. Watch the crew

The trick to making the perfect video is observation. Allow your friends to go first to gain more time to memorize the choreography. You’ll get to interact with the orca whales, polar bears, penguins and seals almost in the same sequence, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Watch your friends stare at you in awe when you hug the polar bear perfectly.

3. Pick a soundtrack

A dancer requires a signature move and music. Unleash your inner So You Think You Can Dance fan girl and pre-select the music you want to score your arctic experience with. Maybe some Vampire Weekend or Toro y Moi can help get your groove on. Heck, if you’re feeling it, maybe try out My Heart Will Go On. Anything will do, but please: let go of Let It Go.

Arctic Explorer will be at Mid-Level 2/3, East Atrium, Shangri-La Plaza Mall until June 4. Every minimum single receipt of P500 entitles you to a single pass.


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