A few totally-worth-it stories about impulse shopping

Art by Gianne Encarnacion

It’s Libra season y’all the best time to be all over the place. And part of that can sometimes mean buying cool stuff on a whim, because life is short, and your wallet ain’t meant to stay fat forever.

Our way of celebrating the season of general walwalan is this: we’ve gathered stories about people’s most memorable impulsive purchases — stories that show there are apparently many dimensions to on-the-fly splurging.

It was a really beautiful kimono shrug gold, sheer, with some very elaborate beading that I saw while I was in Shibuya. I saw the shrug on a mannequin, and because it’s something I normally wouldn’t wear (especially not in Manila), I tried it on for kicks. As soon as I put it on and looked in the mirror though, the first thing I thought was “Oh s***!” Next thing I knew, I was 7,000 yen poorer.”   Patricia Chong, 21, editorial assistant

On January 31, 2017, as I was idly browsing through Amazon, a brilliant idea hit me. I had just bought a Keurig one-cup coffee maker. The pods which are called k-cups come in various forms coffee, tea, chocolate. So naturally, I bought 48 cups of cappuccino (each box has caramel, hazelnut, French vanilla, and pumpkin spice variants) and 30 cups of chai lattes in one sitting. It was a mad feat but madness aside, it was a worthy one. I still have enough k-cups to last me until the end of the year. Or you know, the decade.” Olivia Solomon, 22, content strategist

This was last month. I saw a copy of Best American Essays 2016 in National Book Store. It was P600, P700-ish. Didn’t think twice. Bought it immediately and had only enough money to get to the airport for my flight home. Not to mention the huge unread pile back home. Vincen Yu, 25, doctor

I’m a very big Doctor Who fan, and during Matt Smith’s first season, I really fell into the fez craze, and searched for it desperately. I was with my lola when I finally found one, and I made my longing for it very clear, because I kept it on my head the whole time we were in that store. Back then, this lola was someone I was trying to get close to again, because I hadn’t seen too much of her ever since I moved to Cebu. But she found it really amusing and offered to buy it for me, on the condition that I “really wear it, ha.” I no longer wear the fez, but I now find it very hard to think of how cool my fez was to lola, instead of just Doctor Who. Mio Borromeo, 24, student

In 2008, I went out with my family to find a replacement for my recently deceased goldfish and came home with a bouncing baby Beagle. There was much begging, pleading, and insisting that the dog I later named after a Persona 4 character was the cutest dog to have ever lived. I came home a champion, and my dad in shock. Erica Laraya, 21, photographer