Tomorrow just released an out-of-this-world new collection

We’ve raved about Tomorrow before founded by designers Andrew Panopio and Tim Lopez, the brand has been marking the release of past collections with gigs, so what you get with each batch of shirts and sweaters is a gig poster in sartorial form and other pieces loosely connected by a general theme.

This time around though, what you’re getting is a little more special. “A year into doing this business, we wanted to tell the story of how we got this far it’s all about jumping into the unknown and finding our footing along the way,” says Andrew.

Which is why you’ll find that a lot of the pieces of the new collection carry imagery of reaching new heights. You’ve got the planet and rocketship shirts for the astronomy heads. You’ve got the Highdive sweater, which stays true to Tomorrow’s signature “business typography in the front, party graphics in the back” style. The real standout though is this collection’s gig shirt, the one with the birdman, which, font-wise has a Rocko’s Modern Life vibe going for it. Pictures of the shirts are already up on their Facebook, but the lookbook is what makes them look extra classy.

The theme of jumping into the unknown might seem a little strange; this is a brand that, after a lot of hard work and much deserved recognition, now has a year’s worth of output to look back on, knowing more now than it did before. But that’s Tomorrow for you, always looking ahead, into the uncertain.

You can find Tomorrow on Facebook and Instagram.


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