Three vloggers to inspire your YouTube Pop-Up experience

Three vloggers to inspire your YouTube Pop-Up experience

To celebrate YouTube’s first ever Manila Pop-Up space, here are a few local YouTubers worth subscribing to.

Calling all vloggers and content creators: YouTube just opened their first Manila Pop-up Space at the BGC Arts Center as part of its Pop-up Space program initiative. It’s totally free, and has all the production tools you need to plug away at your next cool blog concept. It’s only here until today, so do hurry on over to check it out.

While you’re on your way there, here are three cool Filipino vloggers to look to for inspiration. If you’re lucky, you might even meet a few of them there.

Janina Vela

She needs no introduction to the Philippine vlogosphere. You know who she is and what she does: beauty blogging, make-up tutorials, shopping hauls and travel stories. She’s sweet, she’s pretty, she’s insightful, she’s really good at make-up, and she’s down to Earth — what’s there not to like? Check out her stuff here.

Kids’ Toys

We like them because it’s just a cool, chill vlog, run by cool, chill kids. From princesses to play doh, channel hosts Quincy Faye and Laurice keep it real with joking, loving, fun discussions about whatever new toys they’re trying out for the day. It’s simple, fun, and engaging, like the perfect YouTube channel should be.

MIke Inel

Three magical words: digital art tutorials. Cartoonist and graphic designer Mike Inel takes you through his character designs and concept art here.

Personally, we love him because a lot of his content is quite interactive. He features and demos fan art often and well, providing an in-depth look at the creative process. We’re suckers for that stuff.


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