This is the music master class you’ve all been waiting for

Reflections on Music and Sound (ROMS) is a series of talks and workshops that aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of all things music, but let’s not stop there. There are two things that make ROMS the music class to end all music classes: one, it’ll be facilitated by some of the local music scene’s most accomplished luminaries (from Diego Mapa to BP Valenzuela to Pasta Groove) and two, it’ll culminate in a free gig. Both the party and the classes happen at Black Market. School of Rock, eat your heart out.

ROMS also acts as the official launch of Cosmic Sonic Arts (CoSA), which is, according to the official website, “a creative music production and mentorship program rooted in individuality, harmony and conscious evolution.” One wouldn’t be wrong to view ROMS as an event which aims to give the public a taste of what CoSA has to offer.

You might’ve heard the word “symposium” used to refer to intellectual gatherings of some kind. In ancient Greece, symposiums were drinking parties, evenings of entertainment. Think of ROMS as both of these things, with a specific focus on music.

For both ROMS and CoSA, we have musician and educator Jorge Wieneke A.K.A. the inimitable similarobjects to thank. As the founder of CoSA and a veteran of the electronic music scene, it seems that Jorge put together ROMS as a loving response to the present and future of culture.

“I noticed a huge increase in how open the younger generations today are towards electronic music and to music / art in general, with the emergence of this I saw a need to reach out and extend free knowledge, guidance and tips on how to deepen that connection and to aid in understanding the music industry as well as the various things we all struggle with as artists,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to be able to educate and create a deeper awareness and attention to the various facets of music as well as help shed light on the different struggles of being an artist.”

Describing both ROMS and CoSA, he says, “It’s all about making people look deeper into themselves and using creation as a means of self-discovery and self-mastery at the same time. Music to me is very sacred and spiritual this is my way of extending this philosophy to everyone as well.”

Considering the scope and goals of this event, it’s hard not to feel optimistic about the future of local music and the general power of creative expression. “I wish to create a world for the open-minded,” Jorge says. At ROMS, you can witness such a world come into being.

You can find more details about ROMS on their event page. You can pre-register here.

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