Young STAR assembled an exciting bunch of youngsters who make us wish we didn’t wolf down that last bag of Doritos and hide under the sheets.

Alas, we’ve arrived at the tail end of this ridiculous Manila summer. Haven’t we had enough of the sweltering heat x post-Laboracay buzz and humidity? Unless we’re hitting the waves somewhere in La Union, or soaking up the sun in Palawan, or jetting off across Europe or Southeast Asia, we’d much rather be indoors with our air-conditioning units — thank you very much — though we think they’re just about ready to conk out. Seriously, where the hell is Olaf when you need him?

In a city, where the difference between First World and Third World is a matter of walking through a mall entrance (or opening your refrigerator), we decided to change the tide of our apocalyptic summer conversation from “hell hath no fury” to eye candy. Correction. #Thirstworthy eye candy — at the very least, they make the feverish weather and complaining worth the bucket loads of sweat. From models to mortals, CrossFIT trainers to aspiring farmers (we kid you not), Young STAR assembled an exciting bunch of youngsters who make us wish we didn’t wolf down that last bag of Doritos and hide under the sheets. Kids, prepare to feel really bad about yourselves. – Toff de Venecia


ALEXANDER DIAZ, 18, actor @alexandermcdizz

You may know Alex from his stints as the not-so-bad guy alongside primetime bidas Nash Aguas and Daniel Padilla. After a short break from acting, his goal now is to get as much work as he can, with no vacations. “None until I’m sitting on a pile of cash so I can help my family,” he says. – Gaby Gloria

Do you still get jealous?

I get super-duper jealous.

Over what?

Guys who show interest in the girl that I’m with. ‘Cause, you know, you get used to the girl. When you’re with your girl you’re used to her. So you snake your arm around her neck and give her a hug and kiss. That’s what you do. Show him whose territory it is. And then get punched in the face. Just kidding (laughs).



SAM RODRIGUEZ, 24, host, model, Nike NTC Trainer @sambierodriguez

Having a hosting job is certainly taxing, but somehow Sam manages it, on top of training for Nike Training Club, and modeling (you’ve probably seen her in those huge Bench Body Whitening billboards). She’s a beach junkie who loves being in the water. Aside from that, Sam enjoys traveling, and spending quality time with her dogs. – Elle Shivers

If you were to say anything to your future husband, what would it be?

Grabe naman! Probably, “Ang swerte mo,” (Laughs). No, I would hope to have a happy life with him. I just watched (a video of) Steve Jobs’ commencement speech last night, and his final words were really good. It was, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

I do my routine at night — my beauty ritual! I clean my face, because I feel like that’s the one thing people have to really do. No matter how drunk I get, I will never fall asleep with my makeup on.



MARCO YULO, 24, CrossFit Manila coach @themarcoyulo

Aside from working out and coaching, another thing that Marco aims to do this summer is to travel around the Philippines, especially since he loves the beach. Spot this Western food fanatic in Cagayan or Camiguin this summer, soaking up the sun (quite literally—he wants to get darker because he thinks he is too white).  – Gaby Gloria

Who would you not eat ice cream off of?

Any person? The face of McDonald’s.

Are you all about that bass?

(Laughs) I’m all about that bass.

What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

I listen to music. I sleep while I listen to music.



MAUREEN SCHRIVERS, 19, III AB – Psychology in DLSU @mauemily

If you think that’s Lily Collins or Camilla Belle, think again. This half-Belgian, half-Chinese hits a lil’ bit closer to home and can speak fluent Filipino despite having no trace of Filipino in her DNA. Apart from school, Mau trains regularly with DLSU’s track and field varsity team (she used to run around the quad as a lil’ kid and would soil her leather shoes regularly) and uses her free time either modeling ETC, Palmolive or Samsung, singing Killing Me Softly in karaoke, or going to the beach. – Toff de Venecia

Who would you swipe right for?

Jericho Rosales. He’s my crush ever since I was young. But I love his wife right now. So gorgeous.

Plans for summer?

Boracay for Labor Day, and then Europe with my best friend (Katarina Rodriguez from Asia’s Next Top Model). We’re going to travel for a month in Europe. I have a place in Belgium. She has a place in Spain.

Bacon or chocolate?

Chocolate, definitely.



STEPHANIE SOL, 21, actress/model @iamstephaniesol

Stephanie is a rising actress who you might recognize as the kontrabida from GMA’s More Than Words. When you talk to her, you can immediately tell she’s super passionate about what she does (she constantly attends workshops and watches documentaries about acting). But aside from acting, another skill this self-proclaimed “sweet tooth” apparently has is that she can single-handedly finish a whole cake! – Elle Shivers

Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Jennifer Lawrence.

So what kind of movie would that be? Comedy?

I guess it’ll be, like, dark comedy. Kasi it’s so different from who I really am, like I’m so bubbly. Hmm. No, pero kung me… Siguro Emma Stone na lang. Ako pala, I want to play Jennifer Lawrence (Laughs).

Zayn going solo: yay or nay?

I’m not really a fan. But everyone’s sad. I don’t know. All the bands are breaking up — I guess it’s this generation’s band breakup so I guess it’s a yay for culture and tradition? No but, I’m sad for all the fans. But anyways, it’s part of growth.



SETH ISAY, 19, III- BS IHM, specializing in Hotel Management @sethisay23

Seth is a full-time student and all-around athlete. Though he sometimes finds time to model, he mostly has to balance writing papers with playing for his school’s futsal team. A naturally adventurous person, he enjoys going to the beach and hiking, and is even willing to try out farming (note: he brought his own kamote to the shoot!).— Gaby Gloria

Who was the first ever celeb who made you thirst?

Kate Upton. Haha! I’m sure you’ve seen the video of her dancing.

What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

I eat. My favorite would be spaghetti, any kind of pasta. Like last night, I ate spaghetti before I slept. They say it’s bad to eat then go to sleep right away, but for me, I just like the feeling of being full and just laying down.

If you were to get a tattoo of your favorite food, which part of the body would you get it on?

I don’t really consider having a tattoo, but I’d get the saying of Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ.” I’d probably put that here, right on my rib.



FERNANDO SKINNER, 19, model @nandoskinner

Nick Jonas, is that you? At first glance, you might mistake Brazilian model Fernando for the Jealoussinger. He’s spending his last month in the Philippines, then he’ll be moving on to doing more modeling gigs in Indonesia and the rest of Asia for a year. Fernando also enjoys doing several martial arts such as kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and boxing. – Elle Shivers

What song do you usually listen to or sing in the shower?

Usually rap music.

Do you still get jealous? And over what?

Yeah, I still get jealous. I think that when you love, you still get jealous. Maybe friends of my girlfriend. I get a bit angry, I try to talk it out first, before I get like that.

If you were stuck on an island with your friend, what would you eat?

Maybe coconuts, bananas, and some other fruits.



ARIANA COWPER, 19, II- BA Literature, DLSU @yannacowper

This literature student has a lot on her plate – sometimes literally! Her dream is to become a chef, and, of course, she enjoys good food (she cooks for herself). Ariana keeps herself busy with the occasional photo shoot, traveling, and with her other hobbies like drawing and painting.  — Elle Shivers

Anyone you stalk?

I stalk a lot of people, none in particular. But when I come across somebody, I go through their Instagram. Haha!

What are your thoughts on skinny-dipping?

If it were nighttime, I think I would. Haha!

Have you ever tried?

With my underwear on, yeah!




Neil started out playing in a band (he was a drummer back in high school) before he got into basketball, and eventually modeling. He’s spending this summer nabbing every opportunity he can at #winning and enjoying life. Neil also loves to travel to new places. Last summer, he went on an exciting trip to Africa, and will be going to Bangkok on Labor Day. – Elle Shivers

What song do you sing in the shower?

I don’t even sing in the shower! Haha. No, really. But maybe Love Me Like You Do.

If you were to get a tattoo of your favorite food on any part of your body, what would it be and where?

I like steak. I don’t know where, but I wouldn’t want it to be seen.

Who was the first celebrity who made you thirst?

Solenn. I really like how she looks.



JOEY LUZ, 22, IV-BS Business Management, DLSU @_c3pio

Work and school are what keep Joey busy these days but he makes time to have fun by partying and playing sports. Aside from being a student brand manager for Red Bull and a member of the DLSU track team, he plans to help other people with their fitness this summer.  – Gaby Gloria

If you were to get a tattoo of your favorite food, which part of the body would you get it on?

Favorite food? Pineapple or watermelon. Maybe right here (motions to hip area). Somewhere where other people won’t see it. Something that can’t be seen even if you’re in underwear.

Who has a red lip classic thing that you like?

Probably my teammate, Katja Rodriguez.

Who was the first ever celebrity that made you thirst?

Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels.



SOFIA FAJARDO, 19, II-BS Business Administration and Accounting, UP Diliman @sofiaxfajardo

Being part of a quota course in one of the country’s top universities is challenging for Sofia, but she says she’s been handling it pretty well. Modeling isn’t her main focus at the moment, but it’s been her dream ever since she was in grade school, when she would do fun photo shoots with her friends. – Gaby Gloria

What is your emotional weather report?

It’s cloudy with a hint of sun. I’m super busy with acads, and it’s all just being thrown at me. But then on the bright side, I have an upcoming show with CSB. I just enjoy modeling so much that it’s like a silver lining.

Zayn going solo. Yay or nay?

Oh my God. It’s definitely a nay!!! Did you see One Direction’s recent picture? It’s just the four of them, and they all look so bummed. He was my second favorite next to Harry.

Who was the first celeb who made you thirst?

Probably Zac Efron way back when he played Troy. He was probably my batch’s first crush. I remember in grade four… grade four or grade five, they showed HSM (High School Musical) for the first time. And it was already past my bedtime, but I just had to watch. I just had to finish it.



JOHN ERWIN TAN, 19, I- BS Applied Economics, DLSU @johnerwintan

Being the gym rat that he is, John’s true passion is working out (he’s doing circuit training this summer). This former Xavierian also keeps himself busy by engaging in different outdoor activities like hiking and riding motorbikes. You might run into him in Antipolo on the trails! – Elle Shivers

Hot showers or cold showers?

Cold showers! It helps me wake up. Haha!

Who would you want to play you in a movie? Like, if they were to make a movie about your life. Either local or foreign, it doesn’t matter.

Kevin Hart, definitely. I want my movie to be a comedy.

What’s your emotional weather report? Is it sunny? Cloudy?

It’s sunny. I’m happy lang. I think it’s also because it’s summer.

open-artphoto_109370KATRINA SWEE, 23, TOUCH RUGBY PLAYER, Philippine National Team @katrinaswee

Kat is a dedicated athlete based in the UK. She plays touch rubgy for the Philippine National Team (they’re headed for the World Cup!). She loves going to the beach, and if you check her Instagram, you’ll definitely see why. Kat also loves hiking and exploring; recently, she explored the hidden islands of Zambales. – Elle Shivers

Who would you want to play you in a movie?

I’m not a big fan of chick flicks, so I’m probably not gonna be in one of those. I love Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. She would be my girl. Haha! So, it would be action!

Who sounds like trouble to you?

I don’t really like people who cause drama for no reason. Or, people who like to put others down just to make themselves feel better.

If you were to get a tattoo of your favorite food, which part of the body would you get it on?

I like to eat – I’m a foodie, actually. Probably sushi. Maybe I’d have a small one on my back.



AKIKO ABAD, 18, II- BS Legal Management, San Beda College Alabang @akikoabad

A proud former Betty la Fea (complete with the braces and thick brows), Akiko says that her past has made her the confident person that she is today. As a sophomore legal management student at San Beda College, she spends her days managing her time between schoolwork and modeling gigs. – Gaby Gloria

Any plans for the summer, or life in general?

I might go to Boracay, and I’ll do some shoots with my friends. Some collaborations.

Who has that James Dean daydream look in his eye?

Ba’t ganito? (Laughs) James Reid.

Georgina or Solenn?

Georgina. I think her face is really striking and her features also. And now she’s the Asia’s Next Top Model host.

open-artphoto_109290MIKKO MARCELO, 21, III – BS Marketing Management, Enderun Colleges @mikkomarcelo

One look at Mikko’s slim, tattooed figure, and you wouldn’t think that one of his pastimes includes pampering his dog. Said dog is a rottweiler but we’re leaving that out on purpose. Mikko also likes to paint; he uses mixed media to conjure up surreal scenes. – Gaby Gloria

Who has a red lip classic thing that you like?

Like a person? Umm…. Lesley Mangubat.

If you were to get a tattoo of your favorite food, where would you put it?

I’d get a pizza on my neck. I want people to see it, and I dunno, it’s pizza.

Styling by Martin Yambao and Francine Gacrama

Produced by Toff de Venecia and Martin Yambao
Assisted by Gaby Gloria and Elle Shivers
Special thanks to Lendl Fabella and Thess Gubi

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