There’s an app for watching all your favorite K-Dramas

You don’t have to watch K-dramas to know that the East is taking over, at least when it comes to entertainment. And as Tribe, the go-to Asian content-focused video streaming app, hits one million downloads, you can bet the K-Drama takeover is only just beginning.

This is how it spreads: your friends watch a K-Drama and talk about it on social media, you get curious, you get into one episode, then binge-watch the rest, and finally, ask for other recommendations. Repeat.

The internet is no stranger to fandoms, but the Tribe app is a game changer. First, it gives you the option to watch episodes as they air or to binge the entire season in one sitting. The app’s lineup also includes shows from other genres such as anime, eSports, comedy, and horror. The playlist feature makes it easier to curate and keep track of everything you’re watching. Following playlists also lets you find people with similar interests and discover other shows that you’ll probably love too. Tribe is all about building a community of fans, after all. Beyond shows and playlists, Tribe also helps connect online friends IRL through viewing parties, contests, and partnering with cosplay events.

And before you think this is too good to be true — no, you don’t need a credit card to enjoy all of this. What’s greater than Tribe’s low subscription price of P30 for 7 days and P69 for one month is the fact that you can pay for it in establishments like banks and convenience stores. Tribe PH is also partnered with Globe, so registering for your monthly dose of K-drama kilig can simply be a text away. Did we mention you get to enjoy all of these on your mobile phones, tablet, and TV via Chromecast? Now there’s really no reason for you to feel like you’re behind.

Download the Tribe app now via Google Play or Apple Store. For more info, visit

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