The Youth is on Fire 5: An Intro

Rest is a luxury we attribute greatly to the summer months — the time when the sun is highest and brightest, this is the season of unwinding. But the desire to seek rest is a compulsion that follows us through all our waking hours, and as much a part of the human experience as work.

We partake of rest in various forms: sleep, escape from the whiplash pace of the city, emotional relief, structural refuge. In what forms have you encountered rest? And what does it do for your inner life? What tires you?

The theme for the next issue of The Youth Is On Fire is “At Rest.” Send us photographs, illustrations, essays, poems, and short stories that, to you, resonate what it means to be at rest.

If you’re interested in being part of our next issue, be sure to follow the guidelines below before submitting your work to by May 21. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll be sending in. Don’t work too hard though.


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