The third wheel survival guide

There are friends, and then there are couple friends. Not that coupledom saps individual personality (they’re still your pals, after all), but it does change a few things in hangout mechanics. Cue the singleton’s role as the trusty third wheel, because technically, you’re also on a date – just not yours. So here’s a quick survival guide, for the sake of your comfort and theirs.


In the car

Say goodbye to riding shotgun when one of the lovebirds is at the (actual) wheel. From the back, caution against distracted driving: We mean eyes off the passenger seat and on the road ahead. But if you think something more intimate is happening in front, you’re forgiven: fake text for a bit and skip the view.  


During mealtime

The couple sits beside or across each other, never diagonally. And don’t squeeze yourself in between them. It’s better to witness some cuddling than to be in the center of tension.


At the movies

Tender moments can play out on or off the screen. Look sideways if you want to see some in the flesh; proceed carefully if you don’t. You may not have a hand to hold, so clutch that tumbler of popcorn real tight instead.


While having drinks

If sober, ensure that any drunken, lovey-dovey shenanigans happen somewhere private. If not, you’re kind of relieved from usher duties. However, we sincerely hope that you pass the torch on to someone before you pass out. Alas, the wheel’s job never ends.


At karaoke

Finally, don’t be greedy — let them sing the duets. (The solo parts are more fun anyway.)

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