EXCLUSIVE: The Ransom Collective’s new music video for Open Road

To say that The Ransom Collective has been on our radars is an understatement. Ever since the band appeared on the Wanderland stage and our social media accounts they’ve been one of the most talked about local bands in the country. Their sound has an energy that lingers in the air and eventually flows in your system, inspiring you to dance to the rhythm they have masterfully developed over the years.

The Ransom Collective’s Open Road video explores the unlikely friendship between a man and a mannequin.

The Ransom Collective, composed of Kian Ransom (guitar, lead vocals); Leah Halili (bass guitar); Muriel Gonzales (violin); Jermaine Choa Peck (percussion); Redd Claudio (drums); and Lily Gonzales (keyboard), have created a name for themselves with their unique mix of instruments and personalities. This unlikely combination results in a youthful sound that is essentially a good companion for your adventures. Pair that with their playfulness in live performances, and you have a band that doesn’t lose its buzz.

Forever scenic: The Ransom Collective takes us on a virtual adventure.

In this online exclusive for Young STAR, The Ransom Collective launch their new music video for Open Road. Directed by Simon Te of Able Productions, the video is quite different from what we’re used to seeing them do. In it, you’ll see an unlikely pairing: a man goes on an adventure with a mannequin. As you listen to the song and take the lyrics to heart, you’ll realize that travelling is more about relationships than the open road ahead. At the end of the day, even if the mannequin is just a mannequin, the man is still happy with the things he has experienced. Take what you will from the song and from the video, but know that life — from our relationships to the experiences and places we have yet to discover — will always be an open road.

Watch the video here:

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