The Nines is your new style plug for just about everything

by Lorenzo Tan

When Kendrick Lamar commands you to sit down and be humble, he doesn’t tell you to fade into the crowd. It’s a call to own your identity and claim your throne. Of course, you’d have to wear your confidence on your sleeve and look your best. At the forefront of the Manila streetwear scene stands The Nines, a menswear apparel joint that boasts an eccentric curation of the illest brands and collections that’ll surely have you, well, dressed to the nines and well-armed for the daily grind.

What sets The Nines above the rest of the game is its dedication to hooking you up with the most highly coveted brands and high street labels that’ll round out your wardrobe. Thrasher, Odd Future, The Hundred, Stampd, I LOVE UGLY, and Civil Regime are a few shining examples. When you walk through those doors, you’re bound to find a new piece or accessory you can definitely fit into your rotations. Versatility is the game and they have you covered on every front, from shoes to shirts to caps, as well as bracelets and even men’s grooming products.

Though a collector of international brands, the vision is to elevate not just your sartorial aesthetic, but drive the entire local scene forward, one cop at a time. Co-founder Brent Javier is all about projecting and developing stylistic excellence for all their loyal clientele. What a time it is to be alive for Philippine fashion, and The Nines stands in the midst of it all: our arms dealer by way of serious style firepower.


The Nines is located at Uptown Mall 36th St, Taguig, Metro Manila. To know more, like The Nines on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, and for new drops and online shopping, visit their official website.


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