The new menu at Buffalo Wild Wings is a carb overload party

The Buffalo Wild Wings branch at Glorietta 2 looks like what a room heaven would look like if God was born in America. Huge flat screens playing old NBA games, video game consoles, a huge bar, and a crapload of wings. By way of divine providence, it seems that Buffalo Wild Wings has gifted us with a new menu.

If you’re the type who prefers to dine on their own, you might wanna get your hands on one of the new burgers. We recommend the Smokehouse Burger, which comes with a side of fries, boasts two types of cheeses, a reasonably oniony bite, and a beef patty that tastes like a chorus of angels.

If you’re looking to divvy up your carbo load among friends, we suggest you get your hands on one of the platters. The Most Valuable Platter consists of traditional wings, honey BBQ ribs, and grilled pork belly, plus two halved ears of corn. Keep in mind that you can select the flavor of sauce you want your wings to come in (There are seventeen sauces!), and that you can also order dirty rice on the side. Truly an MVP dish.

But if you’re really in the mood to clog your arteries, do yourself a favor and get the Crispy Pata. Like, alternate between a wing and some pork hock and just get your hands righteously greasy and be happier for it. Wash that all down with a beer.

The new menu of Buffalo Wild Wings, which gives us a wider selection of things to stuff ourselves silly with is basically a meat and carb party. Heaven on earth, pretty much.

Buffalo Wild Wings branches can be located at Glorietta 2, Estancia Mall at Capital Commons, Uptown Mall BGC, S Maison at Conrad Hotel Manila, and Vista Mall Sta. Rosa, Laguna.


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