The band that travels together, stays together

Photos by Nicky Aureo

Three years since they conquered the local music scene by storm, The Ransom Collective is back with an 11-track album that explores the life on the road. Young STAR caught up with the six-piece indie folk band at their Listening Party at OTO, Makati, last May 17.

“It’s been three years since the last EP… But this album has slower, more mellow, more dramatic songs,” said Kian Ransom, on guitars and lead vocals. While the anthemic travel vibe of their music is still there, it never comes at the cost of depth or musical exploration

Travel is a recurring theme in the album, with titles like Open Road, Tides, and Run, set to road trip-perfect melodies and expansive instrumentation. “Traces” captures the romance and the rapture of the road unexplored, and the loneliness that comes with it, the reckoning with personal demons, the confrontation of coming home — the beauty of travel, in short.

“We love to travel together,” said percussionist Jermaine Choa Peck. The Ransom Collective certainly shows signs of growth, showing up stronger as a whole group. “We managed to infuse a little more elements because we’re more comfortable working as a team,” said their drummer, Redd Claudio. The band that travels together, stays together.

Check out their Facebook page for physical copies of the “Traces”. You can also listen to it on Spotify.


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