Get first dibs on Tetsuo’s newest merch and food items at this event

We’ve written about Tetsuo before, a food concept store that’s low key been making some of the best fried chicken you can find in the north. We’ve also noted how, as a brand, Tetsuo likes to play around and get irreverent, selling shirts and putting out lookbooks that cohabitate with the culinary content in their social media platforms.

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Those are two things Tetsuo’s extremely good at: making food, and messing with your expectations. They’ll be doing both those things, bigger than before, at their upcoming event This Must Be Paradise, happening Sep. 6. TMBP is basically a party slash campaign launch, in which Tetsuo will be busting out new merch and new food items, and a lineup of stellar DJs comprised of Pure Mind Quiet Heart, Butta B, Meh Shua, LUZE, and AHJU$$I to commemorate the night.


Putting out new food and tees is a reason to celebrate.


And because this is a paradise-themed celebration, anybody who isn’t a square is coming in decked out and dressed to the nines. In partnership with Young STAR, Tetsuo will be picking out attendees rocking the best look of the night and giving them brand new Tetsuo merch.

We’ve seen the new food and the designs of the new merch, and we’re super stoked. Tetsuo’s come a long way since its conception, from being a university food stall to setting up pop-ups in various venues, to building their own home base resto — putting out new food and tees is a reason to celebrate.


This Must Be Paradise happens Thursday, September 6, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tetsuo is located in 88 Esteban Abada, Quezon City.

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