Tenement’s S/S 17 makes us want to go down to the tennis court

by Alexa Andanar

Yes, Lorde, we’re loving your new album, but we will never forget your previous one when you asked us to go down to the tennis court and talk it out with you. We’ll go down, but not without wearing Tenement’s new S/S 17 collection. Tenement, also known as “the people’s homebase,” is a local street wear brand that gives off comfy and casual vibes in combining life’s daily activities with street fashion. Their new collection, comprised of six T-shirts, has summer and sports written all over ‘em. This is not your typical street wear brand: it’s youthfully and comfortably fashionable.

Tenement is 100% homegrown, which gives you more reason to prep your credit card when you hit their website. From dark and edgy to pastel and soft, the collection boasts a mixture of color schemes and cute prints. These shirts, each with their own sporty character, can be dressed down when you’re calling it a lazy day or dressed up when your friends call you for a night out.

And the best thing about it? You don’t even have to be an athlete to rock them.

For more details, like Tenement on Facebook and  follow them on Instagram.


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