Take the physical challenge this summer with Roxy

It’s almost April. How’s that fitness resolution working out for ya?

If you’re anything like me, the past four months have been a series of trying out different exercises and attempting to start healthier habits. Naturally, not a lot of them stuck. When we start feelin’ like a lost cause, being surrounded by motivated people and great energy might just be what we need.

At last weekend’s Roxy Fitness 2017 event, Roxy ladies kicked off the summer with a day of work and play at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club. Our fave premium surf label launched the new Roxy Outdoor Fitness collection, which we put to the ultimate #RunSUPYoga test. The line includes cute and functional swimwear and multi-sports apparel that’s perfect for any trip we’ll be having this season.

Roxy has always focused on women empowerment, creating pieces that encourage ladies to have a more active lifestyle. To inspire you to make the most out of your summer, here are some #RoxyFitnessPH challenges to add to your bucket list.

Head out for a 5 a.m. run and make a new friend.

Go for a quick lap or two around your school’s oval or your neighborhood. You’d be surprised at how many people are trying to kickstart a healthy lifestyle just like you. Plus points if you start a conversation with a stranger during your “walk break.” Who knows, your new workout buddy might just be a brisk walk away.

Get into Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP).

Did you know that the company BIC — yes, as in the pen — actually makes stand-up paddle boards under the brand BIC Sports too? While that’s a totally cool random fact, what’s even cooler is finding out that standing up on the board is really not that hard. Trust me, I’m not a pro. You’ll probably try it for the ‘gram, but you’ll definitely do it again for serenity and the view. You can thank us later.

Give yoga another chance.

So what if you’ll end up taking a nap on your mat again? You’ll find yourself being reminded by your yoga teacher (or your app) that the hardest part of your practice is constantly bringing yourself back on the mat. But the more you do, the more that you’ll realize yoga is more of a commitment to get to know your body better everyday, than a mere step towards attaining your fitness goals.

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