Take a guess: The #YSGeek roundup

Art by Bernard Gatus

Everyone’s a little obsessed with something. It only takes another person in the fandom circle to drive you further into it. A few YouTube binge-watching sessions and fan fiction after, and it’s already safe to declare that you’re a *insert name of obsession here* geek.

Gone are the days when geeks are looked down upon. Forget what you know about geeks them from your old Teen Nick shows; geeks are now looked on as experts (sort of) on their interests. This week, we asked what the Young STAR team is geeking out on right now. Fill in the blanks below the item and find them in the drawing. That is, if you have what it takes to be part of the fandom.  Maine Manalansan

Jam Pascual, web copy editor

This isn’t just a knock-off sequel to the original arc that politically pitted Iron Man and Captain America against each other. In this comic, the main catalyst is an Inhuman named Ulysses, who can predict crimes and catastrophes before they happen. Ms. Marvel sees fit to apprehend and detain criminals before they can do anything. Iron Man believes predictive justice is corruption. The comic asks this discomforting question: What does it mean to protect the future?

Answer: ____________________

Maine Manalansan, creative director

This 5v5 iPhone game is the reason why a lot of people either collide into each other or huddle in a location to finish a game. It’s basically agawan base with a hint of tower defense and Street Fighter. A game can last for about 20-30 minutes depending on what your teammates’ fate has bestowed upon you. Better pray to Chun Li that you’re matched with good teammates or else you’ll lose a rank.

Answer: ____________________

Gaby Gloria, columnist

This K-Pop boy group with Thai, Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean members. The group recently released the final EP in a series that rhymes with “Slight Dog” and involves airplanes and such. You may know them for that one music video where the members are all tiny and in cereal. Warning: their songs are highly addictive; listen at your own risk.

Answer: ____________________

Neal Corpus, print editorial assistant

I’ve recently gotten into skincare and this product is one of my newest additions to my regimen. I was a bit hesitant to get it at first because the cost was about a week’s worth of commuting fare, but it’s been pretty worth it so far. My skin’s a lot less oily and it promises to even out blemishes, but we’ll see about that.

Answer: ____________________

Ina Jacobe, art director

This tool helps me save paper and ink as I attempt to revive my drawing skills again (or lack thereof). I’m still a bit rusty but work feels less like work now because sketching makes things more personal for me.

Answer: ____________________

Tin Sartorio, assistant editor

The only thing you need to know about this Netflix Original series is that Cole Sprouse is in it. That, and it’s a really good murder mystery. It owes its appeal to the strong visuals (#aesthetic) and an even greater soundtrack. But the best thing about our new favorite teen drama is how it tackles social issues without being too preachy.

Answer: ____________________

Fiel Estrella, web editorial assistant

This TV reboot of a 1979 film pits two icons of Victorian England against each other for the ultimate race against time — through time. The combination of science fiction and serial killer mythology somehow manages to be goofy, pulpy, endearing and sly, all at the same time. An interesting take on just how far we’ve strayed from H.G. Wells’ envisioned Utopia, and it’s nearly impossible to look away.

Answer: ____________________

ANSWER KEY: 1. Marvel Civil War 2, 2. Mobile Legends, 3. GOT7, 4. Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, 5. Bamboo Tablet, 6. Riverdale, 7. Time After Time
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