Take your finance game to the highest level at this business summit

To live in the world today, what with everything going on around us, is to live in uncertainty. Whether you’re an undergrad or fresh out of college, the future is daunting. You wonder how you’re going to earn to support yourself and your family while following your dreams, and possibly do your part to help with social issues in the process.

Investments? Stocks? Financial products? What are those?? It’s a helluva lot to think about, so it’s understandable for you to be unsure of where to begin.

 The key to unlock that next adulting level is closer than you think thanks to the UP Junior Finance Association. On April 21, attend talks by esteemed executives in the realm of finance at the SMX Convention Center for this year’s Manila leg of The Philippine Financial Summit 2018.

Students and young professionals are invited to listen to Eduardo Francisco, President of BDO Capital and Investment Corporation, Paolo Azzola, COO and Managing Director of PayMaya Philippines, and other big finance industry names discuss financial technology, financial investing, and financial careers.  

And in case you’re wondering, the event’s main focus is financial inclusivity, the goal being to eventually eradicate poverty in the country. Not bad, huh? Tickets for the event go for P350, with bundles of five at P1,500.

Hopefully after this, the idea of investments and growth won’t be too jarring. Don’t worry — you’ve got this.  

For more information, visit the UP JFA Investment Month Facebook.

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