Sweat it out with this sustainable activewear line

It doesn’t get any more real than that scene in Lady Bird where Marion gives “the look” to her daughter as she ponders whether the teenager in front of her is already “the best version” of herself. While we’re not on the hunt for the perfect prom dress to dance in with one Timothée Chalamet, it’s the same critical yet encouraging look we give ourselves in front of the mirror every day. The pressure is so real, but there’s comfort in acknowledging that growth is achieved through consistent small changes. And just like all of us, H&M is on the road to making better choices this 2018, starting with the launch of their conscious sportswear collection.

Gone green: The first sustainable H&M Sport collection is made with recycled polyester and organic cotton.

For this activewear line, it’s all about committing to the environment. Essentials like sports bras, hoodies and tights are all predominantly made with recycled polyester and organic cotton. The polyester items are made from old PET bottles, while the cotton requires less water and no chemicals to produce. But the commitment extends beyond choice of fabric material; H&M uses a new knitting technique that requires less yarn and wastes less fabric. Their intentions are even reflected in the designs, showcasing prints and shades of green, black and beige.

Box it off: H&M partnered with Flyweight group boxing studio for the month of January.

And if that’s not enough, the brand goes the extra mile by encouraging people to trade in their old activewear for new items at a discount. For every sportswear donation in H&M SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Makati and Uptown Mall this month, customers get two 15-percent-off vouchers valid for any item. The first 100 traders also get a single class pass to try out the Flyweight group boxing studio that H&M partnered with for the month of January.

While we have the rest of the year to work on our resolutions, it’s important to be reminded that there’s no such thing as a deadline when it comes to becoming a better version of ourselves. H&M has launched a couple of conscious collections before, but expanding to create the first sustainable H&M Sport collection for ladies just shows that they are in it for the long run. Change takes time and a lot of commitment, but if we’re doing things that make us feel good, then what’s so bad about that?


The first sustainable H&M Sport collection for ladies is available in select H&M stores. For more information, visit hm.com/ph.
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