Surviving my first week in college

Art by Gian Nicdao


When people told me that college would be one of the hardest things I’ll ever face in my entire life, I just nodded and laughed politely. I thought I had been through hell and back in high school, being the typical overachiever-slash-perfectionist that would literally die over her grades and sacrifice sleep and sanity for her responsibilities. I thought I was prepared for it, having gone through the newly implemented K-12 system that ~supposedly~ was just the first year of college, repackaged college. Heck, I’m as old as some people who are currently in their third year in university (*shakes fist angrily*). I thought that college would just be a walk in the park after everything I’ve encountered so far.

Welp, guess who was wrong about everything. In my first week in college, I experienced numerous things that were new to me: the teachers not asking us to introduce ourselves, the lack of a dress code, and the fact that I don’t have to stand up when I want to recite. Here’s a day-by-day rundown of what happened.



So there I was on my first day, my backpack full of notebooks and pens and other school materials (I’d like to consider myself the Girl Scout of my college), when I realized I had no idea where my first class was. The venue was TBA and stayed TBA until the minute class started, so my friends and I decided to roam around the large Math building until we found signs of human life. Thankfully, we found our room and were briefed on our syllabus. Up until this point I thought that I had college in the bag.

My next class was in another building so I joined my friend and her block (alas, I am a block-less loner) and almost slipped and died on the way there. The weather has not been my friend, but I managed to make one friend in my next class.

The professor waited until the class ended to announce that classes were suspended, even though he knew since the start of the period.

Thank God It’s Friday indeed.



While other students from my university may have this day off, I had one class: PE at 7 in the morning. I came in full workout gear, ready to sweat it out and get fit for the next two hours like the Bibo Kid that I am. Sadly, we just had orientation that day and were dismissed after 30 minutes.



Worst. Day. In. History.

I went down the wrong jeepney stop and had to walk to class in the pouring rain. almost slipped and died again but thankfully made it in one wet piece. Class was cancelled because only four people showed up (which was a Mood honestly) so I got soaked for nothing.

They also made us take an assessment quiz that wasn’t graded, which was when  I realized that I may have overestimated my abilities (is it possible to forget everything you’ve ever learned in high school?).



The break between my second class and my third class is FIVE HOURS LONG so I decided to run some errands around campus. I also decided to just walk everywhere. Long story short: I lost, like, 50 pounds. (Also, I keep forgetting to factor eating into my schedule).



College will take some getting used to, but I think I can handle it. I think.

I am slowly but surely getting used to the jeepney routes and learning which sidewalks get flooded. I’m also getting used to running to class and waiting long hours for the next one.

I’ve also realized that my negativity has been weighing my down, and I that I needed to start looking on the bright side of things.



I’ll be okay. I have come to terms with the fact that my performance in high school ≠ my performance in college. The topics are difficult and the pacing is fast, but I just need to put in that extra effort to make it work.

Your first week in college might not be as bad (or as good, depending on how yours went) as mine, but I’m sure that it was a culture shock for everyone. We all have our own struggles and tiny victories, and each experience is unique and universal at the same time. Freshies, hang in there. It takes some getting used to, but we’ll get there eventually.


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