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MANILA, Philippines – When we were younger, back-to-school shopping used to be an event. We’d drag our parents to the nearest bookstore and convince them to get us the 128-piece Crayola set to show in class. (There were some tantrums, too.) Some might have even invited their classmates to go on a barkada shopping spree to find the cutest multi-level pencil case. But even if your school year starts in August, it’s still good to stock up on supplies. You never know when the (super rare) inspiration to get ahead of your school load will strike.

But now that we’re a little older, we think it’s time to let go of fluffy pens and Power Rangers notebooks. Check out these essentials for your desk — both at home and in school — to guide you in your next school supplies shopping trip.

Multi-purpose desk calendar

A desk calendar and mouse pad in one? Yes, please! It’s cute, motivational and totally customizable.

Weekly calendar, P458 (Fully Booked)

Personal journal

School and work can sometimes be stressful. There will be times when you won’t be able to control yourself from ranting about your geometry teacher on Twitter. Instead of turning to social media, why not try jotting your thoughts down in a journal

Personal journal, P699 (Fully Booked)

Cord organizer

It’s 2015 and your earphones are still not tangle-free. Stop making your life miserable and just buy a cord organizer.

Cord organizer, P295 (Filed)

DIY coaster

Coffee ring stains are only cute on Instagram photos and it will get annoyingly sticky as time goes by. Solution: Get a coaster. Find a coaster that’s still fun, useful and a testament to your DIY skills.


Not everybody has the time (or patience, really) to brush their teeth in school. Pop a can of mints in your bag and you’re good to go. Your crush won’t even suspect that you ate a bag of garlic chips at lunch.

Mints, P148 (Fully Booked)

Colored pens

Colored pens are a great way to keep your notes organized. Upgrade your Lisa Frank glitter pens into something more professional looking to avoid funny looks from your friends.

Colored pens, P65 (Muji)

Work notebook

Keep work and life separate by designating a school-only notebook. You don’t want your classmates seeing the FLAMES result of you and your cute classmate, do you?

Notes and Ideas notebook, P250 (Sunday Paper)

Paper clips

If Leonardo Da Vinci can make a world famous painting, then you can finish that philosophy paper. Get these 3D Mona Lisa paper clips for an extra pop of cute-spiration.

Mona Lisa paper clips, P140 (Fully Booked)


Pugs and mugs? It’s a match made in heaven. Not only is this essential to store your power potion (see: coffee) for all-nighters, it might also help ease your stress level.

Pug mug, P399 (Typo)


Not everyone is gifted with the patience and skill to DIY. If arts and crafts is a school requirement, you have got to pull out all the stops to motivate you to finish that macaroni art. Maybe if you get a pair of cut scissors, arts and crafts won’t be so bad.

Scissors, P599 (Typo)

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